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Durban Car Rental in South Africa

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Durban Car Rental in South Africa

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durban car rental south africaA trip to Durban is best enjoyed with a personal vehicle. It does not make much sense though to drive all the way down with your own vehicle because the commute is just too long and with toll/petrol fees accumulating along the way. Flying offers the easiest solution because one can get to Durban in around 2 hours by flight. By using one of the many budget airlines in South Africa, it is also very affordable. So how then, does one get access to their own vehicle in Durban? The solution comes in Durban car rental. You will rent out a car to use as your very own during the time you would be in the city. Durban is vast and vibrant and the nature of your business could be either leisure or business. Both factors would be a whole lot easier to enjoy with your own vehicle.


How to Find Durban Car Rental in South Africa?

Renting out a vehicle in Durban does not mean one would have to wait until they get to the city to do it. No, this can actually be handled months ahead of the trip when the search for a rental vehicle is being done. 2 options are open for prospective rental customers to consider if they are not in Durban. The first would be over the telephone. If you know which Durban car rental South Africa Company you will be using then this will go off much smoother or it will entail you calling around and sitting on the phone for quite a while. Consultants will lay out the daily rates of durban car rental south africavehicles as well as let you in on any current specials being offered at their Durban car rental South Africa branch. They will also make the booking on your behalf, but you must have all relevant details on hand from the dates of your visit to Durban to payment method and info. The telephone is not the best of ideas if you would be booking out Durban car rental in South Africa from another country. You would rack up too much of a bill. This is where the other option to rent out a car in Durban comes along. It can also be used by locals, as it is by far, the fastest means of both searching for and booking a rental vehicle in Durban. This is over the internet. Not only will you find a car to rent out in Durban but you will also get to compare all of the different options in terms of rental companies, rates and vehicles, allowing you to make the most informed decision. Customers would then proceed with the booking. Online booking generally consists of an easy 3 step process. The first would be to search for your rental vehicle. This would be done through a search engine such as the one found on the King Shaka International Airport site, allowing you to get a list of vehicles that can be rented during your time in Durban. The next step would be to select any additional side items to go along with the rental car and finally giving in your personal information will complete the Durban car rental South Africa transaction.

Durban car rental in South Africa gives customers the option to hire out a vehicle for the short or long term. In either case, securing the vehicle that is your first choice will be best gained if a booking is done well ahead of time. With the online booking option, this is an ease, so take advantage of it.

With Durban car rental in South Africa, customers have the option of handling it at any point in the city, from the Durban Airport, city centre and even smaller holiday towns. The final decision will lie with whichever location is most convenient for you.


The vehicle choices in Durban

durban car rental south africaThe vehicle choices with Durban car rental in South Africa caters for a myriad of travel options. The most basic and affordable means of travelling with a rental car in Durban is by hiring out a hatchback type vehicle. These are the vehicles with cheap daily rates and also makes the most appearances when it comes to specials and promotions, so it is the ideal choice when travelling on a budget. Sedans and SUV’s are your more substantial vehicles with much more specifications and comfort. If luxury travel in Durban is what you need, then this range would be the one to look into. Durban is as rugged as it is cosmopolitan. For an off the beaten track trip, a van will do. Spacing at the back allows for the carriage of much more stuff and this vehicles capabilities are great on gravel roads. Models cater for a 2 passenger or 5 passenger seating. With Durban car rental in South Africa, there is also the option to hire out a vehicle that is capable of carrying a group of people. The minibus is such a vehicle and proposes the notion of a single hired vehicle to carry around the group in unity.


Renting a car in South Africa

Driving is done on the left side of the road in South Africa, so prospective international renters must be prepared for this before booking a vehicle for a Durban trip. All renters also need to hand indurban car rental south africa proof of driving capabilities. For local renters, a South African issued Driver’s License will suffice. For foreign renters, it would be best to apply for an International Driving Permit in your home country which can be used during the rental pick-up.

Most companies have a minimum age requirement for the hire of their vehicles. Also, many companies offering Durban car rental in South Africa will insist that the renter have held a license for a minimum period as well.

In most cases, the renter must be the driver of the vehicle. This would mean, having the ability to pay for the Durban car rental South Africa vehicle with a bank card in their name.

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