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Hertz Durban

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Hertz Durban

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hertz durbanThe internationally known car rental company Hertz can be found all throughout South Africa. Known for their lower rental restrictions, modern fleet of vehicles, loyalty club and effortless reservation process, they are a popular choice for vehicle renters.


Hertz Durban

The sunny, coastal city of Durban sees its fair share of tourists year round. The city has hotspots situated all over and travellers know that getting around is best done by driving yourself. If you fly into the city, you will not have the luxury of having your vehicle to drive around in. This is when you would hire out a car and where Hertz Durban comes into play. With Hertz Durban, there is the choice to rent a vehicle at many points in the city though if you are flying in then the most sense would be to get it done at the King Shaka Airport. The Hertz Durban branch here is located right outside of the airports arrival point. Using this Hertz Durban branch will give clients their own vehicle right from the airport. This then means not having to shuffle about in looking for a shuttle or taxi. If you have done an online booking, then it is a matter of just confirming the rental agreement at the branch and being able to drive off. When it is time for your flight back home, then you would drop off the car here and head right on to the check-in stations at the airport.


Booking a car at Hertz Durban

Reserving your vehicle at Hertz Durban can be done online and this really is the best way of getting it done. Firstly, it can be done from another city so you do not have to wait to get to Durban and spend time in a queue at the branch. Secondly, since there are no closing times on the internet, it can be done at any time of the day. Thirdly, you will have access to all information directly and can then make a much more informed decision regarding your rental vehicle. hertz durban

It is a seven part step in reserving a vehicle with Hertz. This just means following the steps and entering in the required details as laid forth. You would first need to select your country and city where the rental will be taking place. In this case it would be South Africa and Durban. The branch pick-up and drop off points may be different, depending on your schedule so this would need to be chosen as well. The date and time of your car rental will need to be selected from the calendar or drop-down format. Ideally, you should reserve your rental car as soon as your flight has been booked. This way you would know your date and times and can correspond your rental to meet this. You will then enter in your code if you are part of a discount club. Next up would be to select your vehicle and any optional extras and give in your name and email address. You would then proceed to book the vehicle if you are happy with the pricing laid out.


Hertz Durban Vehicle Choices

Hertz Durban has a vehicle in their fleet to meet all driving needs here whether you will be cruising around the city landscape or venturing out a bit further into the wilderness. Choosing a vehicle is critical to having a smooth ride. Here are your options for vehicles at Hertz Durban.

Hatchback- if it is an affordable vehicle you are looking to rent, then you will not go wrong with this range. Being smaller in size, they require less refuelling and also come with lower rates. These are the vehicles at Hertz Durban where you would find all specials relating to.

hertz durbanSedan- is the bigger vehicle choice and comes with higher daily rates, though it is comfort and luxury that you are paying for here. A standard sedan is also an option if you are looking for a slighty larger vehicle from the hatchback but not something from the top end of a range.

SUV- vehicles also make up the Hertz Durban fleet. These can be hired for their heightened luxury or a smaller people carrier option seating up to 7 people.

Van- this is the vehicle choice when gravel road travel is on the cards. Just outside of Durban lies many Games Reserves and camping spots and it is best seen in these vehicles. There is the single and double cab option which would depend on how many people will be travelling in the vehicle. Even if this type of holiday is not on the cards, the spacing at the back means it could be hired just to hold a lot of luggage or general items.

Minibus- the minibus is infamous for transporting people in South Africa. It can also be hired to transport a group of private travellers. The group can be travelling on either business or pleasure and this vehicle would mean getting the chance to leave and arrive at destination points together. There is also the issue of less admin to deal with at Hertz Durban since it is just the one vehicle being hired and the need for just one driver.


Hertz Durban Optional Extras

Optional extras are just those products that you would only need to select if you need them. They are charged per hire or per day, depending on the product. Some products such as the additional driver of child safety seat do not have to be chosen if there will be no child or just one driver for the vehicle. Other options such as the waivers and emergency rescue are a nice sort of backup to have if you do run into any trouble when driving the vehicle.

  • Windscreen waiverhertz durban
  • Tyre waiver
  • Super waiver
  • Infant seat
  • Child seat
  • Booster seat
  • Additional driver
  • GPS unit
  • Hertz Emergency Rescue Option


The Hertz Rewards Club

The rewards club, rewards drivers just for renting a vehicle from Hertz. The more times you rent, the higher your tier level and the more rewards you would be in line for. The levels are gold, five star and president’s circle. Rewards include free rentals and upgrades on vehicles. The other factor when signing up to the Hertz rewards club is that all future bookings become easier. This is because all of your details will be stored on their system so there will be no need to enter it in during each and every rental. Members just need to select their itinerary along with their vehicle choice and any other extras that are needed. As if the online booking wasn’t easy enough, this is now just the cherry on top.

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