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Rental Car in Durban South Africa

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Rental Car in Durban South Africa

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rental car durban south africaTaking in the city of Durban is infinitely better when you get to drive yourself around. The freedom in being able to get into your car and go wherever you want is not just exciting but allows you to get more out of your short time in the city. So leave taxis, shuttles and buses behind and get yourself a rental car in Durban South Africa.

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Rental Car in Durban South Africa

A rental car in Durban South Africa can be hired for a short while or for the long term. This means something as little as a day or months long. The short term option to rent a car in Durban is something we are all somewhat familiar with. If you will be in Durban for a couple of days then a rental vehicle will act as your own personal means of transport. You would book it out, use for a couple of days and return it back. This is also the option where you would find specials from a rental agency. On the other end of the spectrum we have vehicle hire in Durban done over months. This can be utilized by those who will be in the city for over a month either on a work trip or leisure. It has to be over a month because the lure with long term vehicle hire in Durban is that the rental rates are lowered when the rental is done for more than 30 days. This 30 day period is the minimum in getting this special rating. This can also be used by locals who want their own vehicle but not the hassles that comes with such an asset ownership. There is the option for a rental car in Durban South Africa to be done at a number of agencies. These are a mix of global and local companies. Many operate not just one, but many branches around the city. As most travellers tend to do, vehicle hire in Durban is most convenient when done at the airport. Even if you are not flying in, branches here are open later than their counterparts around the city. By using a rental agency at the airport, you have immediate access to your vehicle and there is no wait to have to get out of the airport and then arrange for it. This will also settle all paperwork in regards to your transport at the airport and you can embark on your trip worry free.

vehicle hire durbanrental car durban south africa

Vehicle Hire Options in Durban

Everything from cheap car hire to luxury vehicles are available for your choice of rental car in Durban South Africa. Book according to your need and you will have a smooth journey all around Durban. Keeping to a budget when hiring a vehicle has never been easier. With the online reservation option, you are open to a world of information. Even requesting a quote is obligation free. Specials are everywhere and one just needs to look in the right places to take advantage of them. Sticking to just one rental company will also yield rewards. Points are added each and every time you rent a vehicle and these can be exchanged for upgrades or free rentals, an added bonus when you rent a car in Durban. Your rental car in Durban South Africa can also be a luxury vehicle. We are talking really top of the line vehicles which would have just been released months ago. Be the envy of Durban roads, when driving one of these beauties. Durban is not all city and in fact the outer country areas have garnered just as much fame. So for an outdoor adventure par none, hire an off road vehicle. These vans handle these rough terrains very well which would make the journey for the passengers a little smoother. In addition to this, they also have ample back space to carry camping equipment and other necessities for a trip of this nature. The last option would be a people carrier. The name says it all. It is an option for vehicle hire in Durban when you need to transport a number larger than a 5 seater vehicle can. On average, they can seat around 16 people. This counters the need to have to hire several smaller vehicles.rental car durban south africa

Apart from the vehicles, side products can also be added to the rental. If you need help getting around Durban, then a GPS will help you out. If you have a baby along for the trip, then c child safety seat is a must. A bike rack will hold bicycles outside of the car. Trailers and paraplegic hand controls round off this list and as you can see, they are side items because they only need to be added, if needed.


Book a Rental Car in Durban, South Africa

There are 3 options when it comes to booking a rental car in Durban South Africa.

You can wait and do your booking when you get to Durban. We do not suggest you do this as you would be at the mercy of choosing from whatever is left in a rental company’s fleet. Though sometimes, you would need to rent a car in Durban in an emergency if the trip was unforeseen.

You can do your car rental booking over the phone. You would need to have the dates of your trip, some personal details as well as payment details on hand before making the call. The consultant will go through all options available to you and you would select one. They would process the entire booking for you.

Then we have the online booking option. In these technologically dependent times, you do not even need to question why this method has gained so much of momentum. It allows for the booking of a rental car in Durban, South Africa to be done from anywhere and all day long. Using a car rental search engine will put all of the information regarding your rental dates right there at your fingertips. You would choose the vehicle that seems right for you and proceed with the booking. You would handle it yourself but the online facility has been designed so that you can easily navigate the process and be done with it in a few minutes.

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