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Hire Cars in Durban

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Hire Cars in Durban

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hire cars durban Durban is visited for both business and holiday purposes. Flying into the city from other parts of South Africa can be done in an hour on average which is why most visitors prefer to get in this way. This does leave the dilemma of relying on other means of transport, since you will not have access to your own vehicle. There is the option however, to hire cars in Durban. When you hire cars in Durban there is no need to ever make use of shuttles, taxis or even public transportation. Hired cars will be your sole property for the time that you rent them out.


Where to Hire Cars in Durban?

hire cars durban You would be able to hire a car in Durban at several points throughout the city. The most obvious choice for most visitors would be to do it at the Durban Airport. The King Shaka Airport is the main airport servicing the city and here you would find many notable names in the car hire industry from Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Thrifty to some local names like Bidvest and First Car Rental. Visitors can also take a shuttle out of the airport, to their hotel and then hire a car in Durban at their leisure. You would find branches all around the city from the city centre to smaller holiday towns.


How to Hire Cars in Durban?

We will be discussing the online option to hire cars in Durban. The opportunity also exists for you to hire over the phone or wait until you get to Durban to hire your car then. The online route has hire cars durban gained popularity because it can be handled directly by the customer without having to wait on consultants and then also being able to take advantage of the fact that there are no opening and closing times to bother about. With the internet, there is no need to go searching about each car rental company’s website. You would effortlessly make use of a comparison search engine to yield results of all available vehicles in Durban for you to rent when you are visiting. To make things even easier, the results can be altered to only show cars that appeal to you, for example the cheapest, or only sedans, or an automatic drive. You would be able to do this right after booking your flight on our King Shaka International Airport site. In fact, we recommend it to be done this way so you can be sure of the dates on which you would need to hire cars in Durban.

The first step would be to select the city and branch that you need to hire a car in Durban at, followed by the dates. It is allowed for the pick-up and drop-off branches to be different.

The second step would be for you to choose a car. This can be done with the list that is now provided once the first step has been completed. Across the companies that you are able to hire cars inhire cars durban Durban you will get access to many different models. These must be chosen to suit the nature of your visit to Durban. An economical choice would be a hatchback or a standard sedan. This will allow you access to a reliable vehicle while still being able to stick to a budget. For something a bit classier, you could always hire a car in Durban from a brand such as Mercedes or BMW which offers the ultimate in driving luxury. Perhaps, you would be travelling with a pack of people. In this case there is the people carrier to consider. This is a superb alternative to having to book out several smaller cars. It will also mean needing just one person to handle the booking and to drive the vehicle. If you would need extra space in a vehicle, then a van allows for just this. When you hire a car in Durban, choosing the right model will make or break the trip.

The third step would be to choose any side items you would require in the vehicle. These could be physical items such as paraplegic hand controls, GPS, baby seats, bike racks or trailers. It could also be stuff like adding an additional driver or a waiver.

The forth step is information gathering and payment. A few basic contact details will be needed so that you can be reached in the event that the car hire company needs to get in touch with you. Personal information is needed so that this can be matched against identification documents during the pick-up of the car. Then we have payment details. When you hire cars in Durban online, all companies will accept credit card payments. Some do accept debit card payments, provided the card was South African issued. Once this goes through, the car will be set aside for you for the time you have reserved it for. The further back from your travelling dates that one hires cars in Durban, the better the chances of securing a vehicle of choice. Leaving it too close to the date is a big mistake as it could mean they have been booked out by other customers.

The final step to hire cars in Durban would be to pick them up when you arrive. Remember to bring along your Identity Document or Passport, your Drivers/License or International Driving hire cars durban Permit and the bank card which you used to make the payment. Since the vehicle selection and information gathering was done online, it would be just a few minutes in the branch to clear up the admin before being taken out to the rental vehicle. You would do a quick inspection and test drive of the vehicle and if happy you can drive off right away. The tank will be fully fuelled so this will not be an issue for a while. The tank must be refuelled though, right before returning the vehicle. Also to note, would be to be on time. Infracting on these will result in a penalty fee.

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