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Durban South Africa Car Rental

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Durban South Africa Car Rental

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durban south africa car rentalRenting a car in Durban, South Africa

A Durban South Africa car rental is pretty much standard as it is around the world. Driving is indeed a wonderful way to take in this year round, golden warm city. Though it must be noted that driving is done of the left side of the road in the country and must be taken into account before booking a Durban South Africa car rental. You must also be able to drive. Proof of this will come in the form of your driving license. Furthermore, many car rental companies in Durban will insist on a renter having held their license for a bit, with the time limit depending on which rental agency is chosen. A valid South African Driver’s license is proof for locals and foreign travellers would do well to apply for an International Driving Permit. Documentation must be provided during the pick-up and if an online booking was done, this must correspond with information given there in terms of an Identity Document or Passport. With Durban South Africa car rental there are many companies to choose from. The following are just some names found around the city.

  • Europcar
  • First Car Rentaldurban south africa car rental
  • Woodford
  • Avis
  • Tempest
  • Bidvest
  • Hertz
  • Value
  • Capital

Many of these can be found right at the King Shaka International Airport. This base will allow travellers to have their own transport from the airport and all through their journey in Durban and then back again when it is time to fly back home. Booking online will ensure that you have a higher chance of securing a vehicle from the group you want and also ensuring that you would spend as little time as possible at the branch during the pick-up of the vehicle. An online Durban South Africa car rental booking can be done at any point in the day and from anywhere in the world. There are no queues to wait in and once the search has yielded results you can do your booking immediately. Car rental agencies in Durban and all through South Africa have made this a step by step process which can be finalized within minutes. Once your payment goes through, you will receive confirmation of the car rental booking via email. This will lay out the details of the rental. With the vehicle selected and paid for, this handles majority of the car rental process. When picking up the vehicle you would confirm your identity, driving ability and payment methods. Once done, you can drive off in your very own vehicle. Before returning the vehicle, make sure to fill up the tank and always get the vehicle back on time as stated on the rental agreement. Not adhering to both of these will result in a fine being issued to you. It is easily avoidable.


Vehicle choices in Durban

durban south africa car rentalThere is something for everyone when booking a Durban South Africa car rental. A small vehicle would be great for just scooting around the city, whether the trip is leisure or business based. A larger vehicle would be great if it is a bit more comfort that is needed. This would be your sedan or SUV and will also provide a bit more boot space. An option for a larger vehicle still would be a people carrier which would carry around 16 people. Another vehicle choice when it comes to Durban South Africa car rental would be vans which are perfect for off road travel or just for space to carry lots of stuff. We do advise to select correctly during your car rental booking. You do not want to select a luxury vehicle when you are on a shoestring budget. Likewise, a small vehicle will not do if you will be travelling with loads of baggage.


Counter Products at Durban Car Rental Agencies

Counter products need to be added to a Durban South Africa car rental agreement. They are not standard because not everybody will have a need for a child safety seat for instance. Examples of products include the aforementioned child seat, bike racks, GPS or paraplegic hand controls. They are charged either per day or a once off cost per rental. Other items that will make their appearance here for selecting include waivers and adding an additional driver to the rental agreement.


Your Car Rental Options in Durban, South Africa

Short term car hire is the most standard rental option, where you would hire a car for a trip to Durban for a day to a couple of weeks. Rates are charged per day. This is generally where specials are given by most Durban, South Africa car rental companies. An online search will yield quick results for available cars.

Long term car hire in Durban, South Africa is classified as a rental being more than 30 days. This is the norm accepted by most companies. This differs from short term rentals in that the daily durban south africa car rentalrates are brought down on this option. Customers would give in their dates, vehicle choice and any counter products needed and a quote will be given. This makes renting a vehicle in the long term an affordable option and can be done for over a year.

Cash car hire can be done at a few Durban South Africa car rental companies. These are very far and few between and not an option at airport branches.

Luxury car hire can be done at many Durban South Africa car rental companies. Many include vehicles from the higher end of a range for customers who appreciate the finer side of travelling. Vehicles here are less than a year old with very low mileage.

Budget car hire in Durban is easy to achieve and can be done by yourself. With an online search engine such as the one found on this site, you would be able to search for vehicles available on your travelling dates to Durban and then select the cheapest one, as results are laid out from the lowest pricing to the highest.

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