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King Shaka Airport Taxi

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King Shaka Airport Taxi

taxi from king shaka airport Flying into Durban is just the first step in your journey to the city. The second would be to find reliable means of getting from the airport to your destination and other point to point transfer during your time in Durban. Some of the ways in which a passenger can leave the King Shaka International Airport is by a shuttle service, rent out a car at the airport, be picked up by a friend or to simply just take a taxi. Each has its own pros and cons. With the car hire Durban choice, you would have constant and immediate access to a vehicle to drive around whenever you want to go somewhere. If you go with this choice though, you would have to go through the process of booking a car, be responsible for the vehicle and not to mention, it cannot be chosen if you do not know how to drive. To be picked up, you would need to know someone in Durban and then have them at the airport in time. With a King Shaka Airport taxi you would be able to hail a taxi on site or reserve one in advance. So if you do not have a driving license and also not know anyone in the area to arrange for a pick-up, a King Shaka Airport taxi is ideal for you to immediately get into and be off to your hotel.


Why make use of King Shaka Airport Taxi Services

  • Using a King Shaka Airport taxi means getting an accredited ride to your hotel and other destinations and not succumb to unregistered taxis who may rip you off.
  • It is a door to door service which sees that you are transported directly to the address provided during booking.
  • A King Shaka Airport taxi is not a shuttle service which transports people from different parties. You would be transported in a private vehicle with just your choice of passengers. This would add to your safety of not having to travel with strangers and also get to your destination faster as there will be no other stops that will need to be made.king shaka airport taxi
  • Taxis are available 24 hours a day to transport you. So even if you arrive late at night and the car hire Durban agencies are closed you would still have a ride to your hotel.
  • You are able to choose a budget hatchback taxi or a bigger sedan for your trip. The choice is totally up to your preference.
  • Taxis can also be chosen according to a group size. If there are more people travelling then you can hire out a King Shaka Airport taxi that is able to carry a group and their luggage allowing for the group to be able to go directly to the hotel together.
  • You are able to book a child safety seat along with the King Shaka Airport taxi to ensure that your child would be transported safely.
  • The drivers at the King Shaka Airport taxi services will not only drive you to your hotel or door step but help you with your luggage as well.
  • All passengers who make use of a King Shaka Airport taxi are covered by a passenger liability insurance.
  • King Shaka Airport taxi services do not only operate to nearby towns but to the outer areas of Durban as well.
  • Get first-hand knowledge on current events in Durban from your driver during the commute.


Taxi from King Shaka Airport

You would be able to hire a taxi from King Shaka Airport even if you do not book one in advance. To be prepared you may go online and take care of this beforehand and also make payment so that this will not be a bother during your pick-up. With an online inquiry, you would be able to request a quote or go ahead and finalize your King Shaka Airport taxi. The following is some general information that is required from you during the booking for a taxi from King Shaka Airport

  • Your name and surnameking shaka airport taxi
  • Your email address and telephone number
  • The date and time of when you would need to be picked up
  • Your flight number along with the number of passengers
  • Pick-up or drop-off address

Payment for a taxi from King Shaka Airport can be done via cash or card with the driver of the taxi or taken care of online during the booking.

Book early to avoid any price increase that may occur during peak periods such as during major holidays when many more people will be travelling.


Meet and Greet

The meet and greet service provided by King Shaka Airport taxi services is when taxi drivers will meet passengers right outside of the arrivals gate after luggage has been collected. Passengers will be alerted to their driver by means of signage stating their name. This way they will be led to their taxi with the driver and have help with their luggage. It is especially beneficial to people who are not familiar with the King Shaka International Airport and do not know their way around. King Shaka Airport taxi drivers offer a personal welcome to the city allowing passengers an opportunity to not feel lonely in a different city.

taxi from king shaka airport

What to do in Durban

Even if you are here for a work visit, you would probably have some down time and Durban has an amazing array of things to see and do.

Take in a sports match at the Kingsmead Cricket Ground or the Moses Mabhida Stadium

Take a leisurely stroll along the Golden Mile, or enjoy a beautiful outing at the Durban Botanical Gardens, Mitchell Park Zoo or Umgeni Bird Park

There’s fun for the whole family at the Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World with movies, kiddies games areas, gambling areas, choice restaurants, nightclub and even a spa

The Barnyard Theater or Durban Playhouse can be visited for some live entertainment

The Gateway Theater or Shopping is also fun for the entire family as is the uShaka Marine World with its adventurous water slides and larger than life aquariums.

Durban − Landmarks, monuments and historical moments in time

Many tourists make the mistake of underestimating the rich historical sites to be seen in and around Durban, and the KwaZulu-Natal province as a whole. You would remiss not to hop on a taxi from King Shaka airport to at least a few of these fascinating finds from the past.

Hailing a taxi from King Shaka airport and getting around

The good news is that Durban, with all its near-Carribbean tropical charm and laid-back luster, is modern in its private taxi offering. Most locals get around by car, public bus or train, but the public transport system can be slightly tricky to get used to if you’re expecting the slickly integrated systems in the UK, US or Far East.

Private car hire is fine if you’re happy to hassle around with paperwork, extra insurance hidden costs and waivers, and, sometimes, a lack of cars for hire in peak season. Your best bet is to take a taxi from King Shaka airport as, generally, the Durban airport taxi cost is reasonable, the Uber-like services running in the city are reliable and always on standby, and you won’t have to worry about what happens if you’re driving and happen to make an accident!durban airport taxi cost

Whenever you hop on a taxi from King Shaka airport, you’re also always bound to find the same thing: the drivers are knowledgeable, and more than happy to give you their take on where you’re going. Think of it as an informal tour, on the house.

Your typical Durban airport taxi cost is R10 to R13 per kilometer. While exchange rates vary, in foreign currency terms, your Durban airport taxi cost is about 1 U$D, 0,75 € and approximately 0,6 £. Of course, your Durban airport taxi cost may also be charged on an hourly rate, in which case, if you’re sharing a cab, it works out well.

When it comes to working out your Durban airport taxi cost, the private taxis you’ll find are well regulated and transparent: Ask about minimum charges; discounted rates depending on mileage, where you are going to or have to picked up; the local Rand rate from which the metre begins, to recover getting from a certain point to pick you up (usually about R10 or R12), and any applicable discount in rates if you pay upfront or book within a certain period before the time.

In general, as rates are metred and set Uber-style, you should refrain from bargaining regarding your Durban airport taxi cost – most drivers are actually quite skilled and regard themselves as semi-professionals in their own right. Rates are hardly ever budget-breaking and rogue operators are almost non-existent. And, as the saying goes, you cannot put a price tag on safety and peace of mind.

Must-see historical sites

City Hall – Smith Street, Durban

This is probably the pre-eminent landmark in Durban. It was built in 1910, and it’s distinctive Edwardian style features characteristic columns and pillars, a unique copper dome, and also houses the Municipal Library, National Science Museum,  an art gallery and Durban museum. It is open every day and there is no entrance fee.

Old Station Building – Mathias Road, Durban

Evoking a nostalgic time gone by with its Victorian-style feel, this station is one of the commemorated places of quiet defiance by Mahatma Ghandi, who purchased a first-class ticket to Johannesburg here at a time when it was unthinkable for Indians to do so. Indeed, you’ll find a prominent statue of Ghandi inside. This building also happens to be the assembly or walking point for many walking and other tours in and around Durban.

Don’t miss it if you’re a general train fanatic or lover of Indian cuisine – there are quite a few local dishes to indulge in!

KwaMuhle Museum – Ordnance Road, Durbandurban airport taxi cost

Durban has more than its fair share of museums but this ‘by the people, for the people’ curation of culture, perspective and important events is different in that its content has been resident-driven. Unlike the authoritative bodies who govern which highlights are museum-worthy, this is a story told by the locals. An important one too, considering the bias and divisions of the past.

The Lighthouse – Umhlanga, Durban

This 1954 tower stands out on this picturesque shoreline. If ever there were a destination for your taxi from King Shaka aiport, Umhlanga as a whole wouldn’t disappoint with its pristine beaches, unreal views, the lighthouse and nearby Oyster Box hotel. It is at this award-winning hotel that the lighthouse is actually operated from, having served in the past to warn ships of venturing too close to the tricky shoreline and embankment with a red light.

 Juma Musjid Mosque – Grey Street Durban

Why not make your first stop in your taxi from King Shaka airport to here, the largest mosque in the southern hemisphere? It’s not the Taj Mahal because let’s face it, what is, but its marble and ornate splendor is a sight to behold nonetheless. It was originally build in 1881 and is considered to be one of the architectural highlights of the city.

Durban Hindu Temple – Somsteu Road, Durban and the Hare Krishna temple in Chatsworth

This Durban landmark was built in 1860 for the Indian settlers. It was one of three temples, the other two having been demolished to make way for modern buildings. The unmistakable spirit of place lingers at this holy site which you should make a point of visiting – either on your own, or as part of a city temple tour package.

The Hindu community here is a thriving one, and often you’ll be able to tuck into fine, top quality vegetarian and vegan meals at very affordable prices. Remember to dress fairly demurely, although no rigid requirements for modest are enforced. The local communities are tolerant but, as always, appreciation is best shown with a bit of deference for the cultural norms and expectations.

Also make sure to visit the lavish, exquisitely adorned, lotus-shaped Hare Krishna temple in Chatsworth, another major tourist attraction. This is where to sample the best meat-free meals in town… happy temple traipsing!

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