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King Shaka Airport Taxi Services

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King Shaka Airport Taxi Services

Anyone going to the market?

king shaka airport taxi services The following markets are all serviced by King Shaka airport taxi services as well as private taxi services in Durban – book your ride at the airport, online or safely from just about any pick-up point.

Karkloof Famers’ Market

As the name suggest, you’ll find only the finest, freshest farm goods here. If farm-to-plate is your idea of culinary pleasure, dishing up a serving at this Howick market won’t disappoint. The market is for early risers thanks to its 7am opening time, but your tastebuds will thank you for that lost hour of Saturday morning sleep!

Farmers from the KZN midlands showcase everything from organic cheese and yoghurt to pickles, jams, baked goods, biltong, nougat, freshly harvested produce and more.

Where to find it: Karkloof Road, approx 2,6 km from Howich

The Litchi Orchard Night Market

By contrast, this market with a difference comes together at night. Expect artisanal cheeses, breads and ice cream; delectable home-made culinary goods; hand-made momentos and crafts; live music and litchis, when in season. The feel is a picnic at night for the whole family – pets on leads are also welcome.

If you’re in town on the last Friday of the month, you’re in luck. Grab a haybale and enjoy the hues of the setting sun from 5pm to 10 pm.

Where to find it: Seaforth drive

Shongweni Farmer’s Market

king shaka airport taxi services It is well worth the one to one-and-a-half hour drive using one of the reliable private taxi services in Durban to visit perennial favourite, Shongweni market. Feast on freshly baked breads and cakes, pickles, homemade local dishes, meats and sausages, organic vegetables and fruits, crafts, gifts and more.

The market opens at 6.30 am every Saturday and is really bustling by 7.30 am. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, you can expect long queues if you arrive by 8 am. One of the frustrations locals experience is parking, so it’s best to book one of the King Shaka airport taxi services the Friday night before.

Such is the #Shongweni Farmer’s Market’s popularity, that the organic and home-made artisanal breads and gourmet goods are often flaunted by those lucky enough to get their hands on it on Instagram. You know what they say, if it ain’t Instagram worthy, it ain’t that good.

Where to find it: 457 Mr551 Road, Hillcrest 3650, South Africa


This new market is a welcome addition to the already vibrant day- and night market adventures that melt foodie and tourist hearts. It’s a night food market, so expect lots of hearty stews, curries, meats and more – this night market prides itself on its diverse range of foods, from Middle Eastern to Mumbai and beyond, and the Mediterranean. Fancy the local take on fast food? Then in you’re in for a sure treat as well!

The market is open every alternate Friday of the month from 5 pm.

Where to find it: Rivertown precinct.

The Wonder Market

Definitely utilise one of the King Shaka airport taxi services or private taxi services in Durban as this lesser known, but oh-so-worthwhile venue, is in Umhlanga, and not in Durban itself. It’s quaint offerings and methods of presentation are something to wonder at in itself and if that doesn’t, the Umhlanga surrounds are sure to impress. Catch it on the last Sunday of every month.

Where to find it: Centenary Boulevard, Umhlanga

Musgrave Rooftop Night Market

This one’s for you if you want to feel the city pulsate with its urban, youthful, eclectic heartbeat. Live music and gourmet, eclectic and droolworthy designer food across a range of tastes are on offer. The market is available on the first Friday evening of each month. Come with deep pockets – the roof belongs to the Musgrave centre and you may as will kill all shopping birds with one trip while you’re at it!

Where to find it: Musgrave Road, Berea

Dargle Local Market

king shaka airport taxi services This is a small, niche local market that showcases Dargle products. Because of this niche concept, you can be assured that anything fresher than farm-to-plate is probably not yet ready for harvest. Seasonal goods are the order of the day, so you won’t find prunes when it’s pomegranate season. This season-focus means that no two markets are the same – and in this case, variety does certainly prove to be the spice of life.

Expect cordial, seeds, biltongs, the odd craft beer, local cured meats and organic dairy. Honest food, from-home food at its best.

Where to find it: Take the Dargle Road turn-off to the Lion’s country club.

The I Heart Market

This is one of the easiest markets to reach, situated at the City’s Moses Mabhida stadium as it is. Locals display their food fare, crafts and wares on the first Saturday of the month, from 9 am to 2pm. There’s something for everyone at the buzzing stalls, whether it’s a leather bag, beadwork, décor items, clothing, the perfect local pizza, paintings, jewellery or a gourmet cup of coffee. And, while you’re at the stadium, make it an adventure, starting with the SkyTrain. The stadium was well conceptualised so as not to be a white elephant, so there is something interesting to get up to all year round.

Where to find it: Moses Mabhida Stadium, Isaiah Ntshangase Road, Durban

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