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Cheap Flights

Going away on holiday can be a costly venture even if you want to go somewhere local, that is from the cities inland to the beautiful coast. You are able to choose to fly to various destinations whether you are looking at going overseas or if you will just be flying locally. Flying is the quickest way to get around however because of this as well as other factors like fuel costs and such flights can be rather pricey even if you are going locally.
As a holiday maker you will want to find cheap flights so that you are able to save on costs because you will have other things to pay for like accommodation and spending money.

If you are looking for cheap flights the best place for you to look at is on the internet. You will to use a search engine and find sites that are able to compare flight prices between the airlines. Some low cost airlines are kulula and mango airlines. There are sites that are not attached to any airline so you will be able to get a fair quote for cheap flights from the airlines.You can also use the individual airline websites to find cheap flights. They may have specials on that do not appear on comparative sites.
Another way to locate cheap flights is to use your travel agent. They also carry specials that may not be advertised in other places. They can also help you to hunt down the cheapest flights for the place and the time that you want to go. You can also look at being flexible with the dates that you are looking at flying. You can actually get a cheaper flight by just changing the day or the time of day that you want to fly at.

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How to find cheap flights

  • Search in advance. Cheap flights are often available months before the departing date
  • Search in the right places. Cheap flights are generally found on websites that search and compare various airlines. Our website will always give you the cheapest available flight
  • Sign up for newsletters. Airlines and websites like King Shaka International have newsletters to inform the public of when cheap flights are available.
  • Follow social media. Flight deals are often announced and spread the fastest via social media. make sure you follow king shaka international via our social media channels.
  • Cheap flights can always be found in holiday packages. Tour companies buy up a whole lot of seats at once which gives them a reduced price. They then place these flight seats into holiday packages together with hotels, car rentals and tourist activities. Then they make these packages available to you at a much cheaper rate than if you were booking all the individual components yourself. Remaining loyal to tour companies allow for them to have your details on their systems and you can be one of the first to know about any upcoming specials that they may have going on.
  • Looking for international cheap flights can be a bit trickier. There aren’t many international low cost airlines and even then they only cover certain routes. International travel is expensive so holidays should be planned to get a good price. For cheap flights, bookings in advance is necessary. Bookings for cheap flights internationally should also be done quickly because when budget prices are spotted the seats tend to be snapped up very quickly.
  • If you are looking specifically for cheap flights, make sure to look mainly at off peak times. Prices increase during peak times such as holiday periods because the demand for seats is much higher. Be aware of this and book out of these times. The differences in prices can make a huge difference to budgets.


Airlines with cheap flights in South Africa

 Kulula – was South Africa’s first low cost airline to offer South African’s cheap flights. Kulula has its main hub in Johannesburg and describes themselves as having no frills. Food and drinks do not come standard with the ticket price and would have to be bought during the flight. They do provide inflight entertainment though in their in-flight magazine, Khuluma. The airline offers cheap flights to Cape Town, Durban, George, East London, and Johannesburg

Mango – was launched on 2006 and have since proved themselves worthy by offering cheap flights, in flight Wi-Fi, and doing payment through store charge cards. Mango offers cheap flights to many cities in South Africa which are Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and George. Their fleet is fully maintained by South African Airways Technical.


Flysafair – is a fairly recent addition to the South African aviation industry and have been steadily increasing their routes around the country. They offer cheap flights because baggage costs are not included in ticket prices. Hand luggage that weighs up to 7 kg can be taken aboard the flight though.


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