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Mango Airlines and Baggage Reminders

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mango airlines baggage

mango airlines baggage

South Africa is one of the top destinations when it comes to vacations these past few years. This is the reason why the flights going to Africa have really long lines in the ticket booth. Many travelers love the fact that many airlines including Mango Airlines allow people to book their flights online. This is very convenient because people do not have to go through the stressing process just to have a ticket. One can simply book a Mango Airlines flight on this website with a matter of a few clicks.

Important Mango Airlines Baggage Information

Mango Airlines also allow a lot of stuff to be included in a traveler’s baggage as long as they conform to the terms and conditions.

  • First, Mango Airlines does not allow the transportation of any firearms – even crossbows that have gas cylinders are not allowed. This is for safety reasons and any airline will never transport firearms along with their passengers. If the traveler’s is migrating and they need to carry the firearm with them they will have to ship it through one or more shipping methods by many shipping companies.
  • Mango Airlines can allow knives to be carried as long as they are placed in the cargo hold – dry Ice can be transported with the baggage. This is because there are some articles that need to be cooled during the transportation. These will be allowed by Mango Airlines as long as a tag is included in the container. The tag must include the name of the baggage that needs to be cooled and the net weight. The word Carbon dioxide should also be clearly visible.
  • There are also some household appliance that just cannot be left behind like lamp shades and other similar materials. – Mango Airlines allows them to be transported as long as they are packaged correctly in sturdy boxes so they will not break. They should also conform to the allowed baggage allowance or some fees be paid for them to be transported.
  • Liquids are not allowed because they can be used as explosive devices if an expert handles them. But they will be allowed by the airline as long as they are marked in separate zip bags with a marking that says “fragile”; they should stay in the cargo hold for the duration of the flight.
  • Some recreational materials can also be transported like bicycles, golf clubs and other similar materials – they will be allowed in the plane as long as they are packaged correctly and some fees will be made. This is because these items are heavier than the allowed baggage weight and they will have more transportation cost than the allowed baggage.

Please use the above information as an advisory and contact Mango Airlines to confirm these details before your flight. The information on this webpage is subject to change at anytime.

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