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Mango Flights Online Booking to Cape Town

Maybe it’s fair to say that technology is man’s best friend since it became a great help in getting what we want. For example, when you want to socialize and watch movies, then go to YouTube and post your comments regarding the video. It is truly possible to live an alternative life in the internet.

mango flights

mango flights

Nowadays with the convenience that the internet has been giving to mankind, it is possible for you to book your air tickets online. Mango Airlines flights can be booked online via this website 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Lining up in the agency could take a lot of hours and has become a hassle since people’s schedule is not only bound for lining up, not to mention having to travel there first. And so as a solution, Mango Airlines allow customers to make a booking online and freely choose the other services for themselves as well.


STEP 1: Search for your destination online

The first thing that you have to do is to search for a flight, example: Mango Flights to Cape Town. To do this, you would use the flight search engine on your website. This way you can look up all flights to Cape Town and choose the cheapest one. Searching for Mango flights to Cape Town entails first having to know when and how long you would be in the city. It can be flights for the mango flights to cape town same day if you would only be around for just the day or different dates if you would be a while. Once you have entered your date or dates, a full listing of flights from your destination to Cape Town will be brought up. You would choose one which best suits your schedule. Remember to book Mango flights to Cape Town early. They do sell out pretty quickly because Cape Town is a top travel city in South Africa and also flights at certain points during the day are deemed high demand. Then check the budget of the flight (air ticket plus the terminal fee and the air tax), services like baggage, meal service, hotel accommodation etc., luggage weight allowed and many others. Set up a reservation in advance (like 3 -6 months before the actual trip so that you can avail a cheaper value of tickets). When tickets are being booked at the very last minute, then expect that the rate would be 3 -4 times higher. There are thousands of facilities that could help you in your online booking but our website is the simplest process and the best prices. You will literally be over and done with the booking of your cape town Mango flight in minutes.

STEP 2: Make sure all your information is correct

Enter all of your personal information so that you will be emailed your mango flight e-ticket. Make it sure that your name must be the same as your name in your ID so that you won’t have any mango flights to cape town problems at the airport. Always check the spelling if possible. The surname will be used during check-in along with the unique booking code which will be given, pending a successful transaction. The mode of payment is also thru the internet wherein you should enter your own credit card details (preferably VISA, Mastercard etc.). Always make sure that you have checked the VeriSign and agree to the terms and conditions of Mango airline so that your payment will be secured. Mango also offers their customers to pay for their flights at grocery stores Shoprite and Checkers. You will be receiving e-mail verification for you to able to see if your payment had gone through. Once this is done, the flight will be confirmed. You will be notified of this through email.

STEP 3: Taking the flight

Mango passengers can check into their flight a full day beforehand, if done online. Alternatively, passengers can also check in at counters or kiosks at the airport. Check-in is important as passengers will declare their checked luggage for loading into the cargo section of the flight, get their boarding pass and select their seats on the flight. If done online, passengers would print out their own boarding pass, and at the airport, just drop off their luggage at the Mango drop zone and go straight through to the boarding gates. Here you would hand in the boarding pass, proof of identification and go through security before being let onto the plane.

mango flights to cape town mango flights to cape town

Why book your Mango Flights online?

For those who are stilling having doubts in using the internet for booking, here are reasons that should change your mind:

  • You get to avoid having to wait at long queues for a ticket.
  • Airline rates tend to be more affordable online, such as the promos offered by Mango Airlines.
  • You can also choose a hotel and hire a car even before reaching your destination. Also, having this done in conjunction with the flights means you would have all logistics arranged without having to constantly enter in your travelling dates.
  • Flight adjustments or changes on Mango flights to Cape Town can be easily done using online customer representatives.


Further Info on Mango Flights to Cape Town

  • Mango is a state owned airline and was the second low cost carrier to start operations in South Africa. Their on-time reputation has given them many loyal customers over the years.
  • All passengers on Mango flights to Cape Town and other cities receive the Mango Juice magazine to enjoy as their on board reading entertainment. It is packed full to entertain every member of the family.
  • Mango is a low cost carrier and as such, no meals are given during the flight. Guests can buy snacks and drinks from the in-flight cafe.
  • Most Mango aircraft are equipped with Wi-Fi, keeping you connected during the flight. As of 2016, Mango is still the only airline in Africa to offer this service.
  • Guide dogs travel free of charge on Mango flights to Cape Town and other cities in South Africa.


mango flights

mango flights

mango airlines