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International Drivers License South Africa

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International Drivers License South Africa

If you are seeing a blank page, please wait a few seconds till our booking engine loads…If you are a South African citizen planning on driving a car overseas then you would need to apply for an International Driving License in South Africa. An International Driving License is a legal document that is recognized in over 150 countries worldwide. It is used in conjunction with your South African Driver’s License to help legalize it internationally. The International Driving License South Africa issue is a booklet roughly the size of a passport that has all the details of the holder in multiple languages as well as a driving license south africa

Why get an International Driving License

English is not the main language in some countries and it will be difficult for them to understand your Driving License. Having an International Driving License solves this problem. It will not replace your South African Driving License, but merely act to reinforce it. Both documents must always be carried together. The International Driving License South Africa issued booklet is instantly recognized in all UN official languages and some additional ones, making it comprehensible to law enforcement and car rental companies in most non English speaking countries. Most car rental companies insist upon an International Driving License for insurance purposes. If you are not in possession of one when visiting another country then hiring a car to transport yourself around is not going to be a very possible option.

The International Driving License South Africa issue will also act as an additional form of identification when travelling. The 10 language translation is helpful even if you will not be doing any driving in foreign countries as all of your identification information will be easily understood. If you do get into an accident while driving abroad, chances are that most motor police officials will not acknowledge your driving license because they might not be that familiar with foreign documents and think you are trying to fleece them. However they are trained to recognize an idl, which means they will know for sure that you are a legal driver. This may not only be used in the case of an accident but when traffic officers stop you and requests documentation as well. international driving license south africa


International Driving License South Africa Application Process

  1.  South African International Driving License applications can be found online through the AA(Automobile Association of South Africa) website where you would fill out your details and send it through
  2. The application will be sent to your chosen location of AA accredited sales agents (location should be easily accessible by you)
  3. You will receive a confirmation email stating you that your International Driving License South Africa application has been received by said store
  4. This confirmation email should be printed and brought to the store as your proof of International Driving License South Africa order along with
  • 2 passport size photos (must be glossy)
  • Valid South African Driving License
  • Valid Identity Document
  • Payment for the International Driving License South Africa booklet
  1. You will leave the store with your International Driving Licenseinternational driving license south africa


International Driving License South Africa Rules

  • You must have a valid Driving License
  • The International Driving License South Africa booklet will only be valid for the vehicle class stated on Driver’s License
  • Impending expiry of South African Driver’s License will mean lesser period of International Driving License validity
  • Can only be obtained in country where the Driver’s License was issued and this applies to neighbor countries to South Africa as well.
  • International Driving License are not valid for use in the country of issue


international driving license south africaFurther Information

  • In the case of obtaining permanent residency in South Africa the International Driving License holder may apply for a South African Driver’s License in substitution for the International Driving License.
  • Applications for foreigners in South Africa can be sent to home countries to issue an International Driving License but this will involve extra costs and take several months to be issued.
  • Beware of bogus corporations claiming to organize an International Driving License. Other than exorbitant costs you will end up with fraudulent documents that will lead to legal trouble if you hand it over to law enforcement as proof of driving ability.
  • China, Samoa, Tonga and the Cook Islands do not accept an International Driving License but you can apply for a visitors Driving License upon arrival in these countries.


Important Note

 An international driving license is the wording commonly used, but it is an incorrect reference to the actual term which is International Driving Permit. The International Driving Permit term should be used when looking up information for international driving.



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