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Kulula Airlines Baggage Restrictions

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Kulula Airlines Baggage Restrictions

When you are flying with Kulula, you must not forget the specific regulations for luggage transportation when you are about to lock up your baggage. Check out if you are not putting extra weight or carrying with your hand bag materials and items that are not allowed on board.kulula

 Kulula airlines baggage rules for Weight

The limitations for baggage unities and baggage weight are established by each person travelling, including children, so each person has a limit of free baggage. The baggage that is shipped in the cargo must not exceed the quantity of one suitcase for person and the weight of 20 kg. This is out of charge. Exceeding the weight, a fee of R250 (around US$ 21) will be applied and all extra suitcases will cost R245 each one. If you want to transport more than one suitcase as your baggage, you have to purchase extra bags allowance. You can do that either at the airport with Kulula or you can do the purchase online, in which case you will have special discounts.

For hand bags, the Kulula airlines baggage rules allow you to transport baggage that is up to a total of 7kg. If you are bringing with you a small suitcase, be sure it won’t exceed all the space allowed for each passenger in the cabin holder. When hand bags do not fit in the holder you won’t be able to bring it with you.

Be sure to check in your baggage at least 40 minutes prior to the flight departure.


What You Cannot Transport on Kulula Airlines

Kulula airlines baggage rules do not allow the transportation of firearms and guns in the cabin and they can just be transported in the cargo under special allowance and certification. By safety international laws and terrorism control, nothing that can be used as a gun or weapon is allowed to be transported with passenger, except sportive cross bows when they are not attached to their arrows and the string.

Items that can be used as weapons like sharp objects, blades, knives, daggers, scissors and any other kind of object with sharp edged are not allowed in the cabin. If you have work tools like that they should be transported on your cargo baggage. Personal care objects like razor blades are also not allowed in the cabin.

Objects and materials such as corrosives, explosives, compressed gases, flammables, radioactive materials, oxidative materials, poison or infectious substances are not allowed under any circumstances.


Liquids & Special Items on Kulula Flights

If you are bringing with you tasty souvenirs of your trip, they can be transported at the cabin. Liquors and other kind of bottle sealed beverages are allowed unless they are too delicate for transportation in the cabin. In this case, the Kulula airlines baggage rules allow passengers to transport such items in the cargo since they are packed in safe containers.

Sports items like sportive gear, including bicycles, are also allowed if you can store them inside special, adequate containers to keep them safe.

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