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Pets on Kulula Flights

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Pets on Kulula Flights

Kulula policy on transportation of pets is not much different from what is applied by other airline companies. Flying with pets on Kulula Airlines must follow a series of requirements that are established by international laws, specially what concerns the safety and comfort of the animals.


What is allowed on Kulula Airlines?

The transportation has a limit of weight, which includes not only the animal weight but also the weight of the container where the pet will be transported, food and the food carrier. Flying with pets on Kulula Airlines can be either with the animal transported with you in the cabin or in the cargo inside a container. Guide pets are not charged with any fee and must be transported in the cabin.

Pets that will be transported in the cargo are charged a R350 fee, around US$ 30. If the weight exceeds 20kg, an extra fee of R250 will be charged. If the weight exceeds 32 kg, you have to book the transportation of the animal as cargo, with special conditions and prices. The booking of the transportation also must be scheduled 24h prior to the flight departure. On the other hand, all other pets must be booked at least 72h prior to the departure. British Airlines will be transporting pets on regional flights and the allowance of weight is higher, up to 23kg. All the extra weight charges and regular transportation fees are the same.kululaairlines

Flying with pets on Kulula Airlines is not allowed if the animal is under 10 weeks old, if the animal is lactating or is over 6 weeks pregnant. If the pregnant mammal is under 6 weeks it will be allowed exclusively if your pet is certified healthy and safe for air travel with a certificate issued by a veterinarian.

Kennel Conditions on Kulula

When you are flying with pets on Kulula Airlines and they are being transported in a container, you also have to follow the directions of international laws for animals transportation.

The kennel structure must follow specific measures, the length being as tall as the distance from the root of the tail to the tip of the animals nose and half the elbow to ground.

The width must be twice the width of the widest point and the height is the distance from the floor to tip of ears while they are erected.

Note that when you are going to travel to different regions like Mauritius, Windhoek and Harare territories, they all also have specific regulations and you must contact BidAir Cargo Services to know any additional specifications you have to follow.




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