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Check In With Mango Airlines

The Mango Airlines Check in and Security requirements can be met at ease when you are aware of the restrictions as well as the facilities to make it faster and free of stress. The flight check in doesn’t have to be performed in person with one of the attendants. The Mango Airlines Check in and Security measures allows customers to perform the check in on many different airlines

At the Mango airlines check in counters there are the self-service check in machines where you can do your own check in informing the required personal data of your flight, name and ID number.

You can also perform your check in via the mobi-app provided by Mango and do it through your smartphone or tablet. At the website of Mango Airlines you can also do your web check-in and print a voucher with the information of your seat, time of flight, number of flight and other complementary information.

Mango Airlines check in and security policy recommends customers to do the check in at least 2 hours prior the departure. The limit time is 40 minutes prior the flight.

 Coping with Mango airlines Safety Measures

 Mango Airlines check in and security measures are not finished upon your online check in. Before you get into the airplane, as an international security measure you will be asked to show your passport and boarding pass to the regulating authorities responsible for the security check point. Your belongings will be scanned in the X-ray machine to ensure you are not carrying items that are not allowed in the flight or on hand bag airlines

Upon the request to scan your belongings, be sure to place all your hand luggage and items you might have stored in your pockets like pennies, pens, lighters, electronic devices and everything else you hold with you. You will be scanned separately in a metal detecting machine, so waist belts, shoes and any other kind of clothing items that might have metallic features must also be places apart from you.

Be sure you are not carrying with you any kind of weapon or weapon alike objects like knives, scissors, blades and any other kind of objects that can be considered dangerous. They will be confiscated in the security check point so ensure you are not holding any important and estimated belonging that can be considered harmful or it will be lost.

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