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Mango airlines baggage

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Mango airlines baggage

You Baggage With Mango Airlines

The Mango Airlines baggage policy works with standard norms currently applied to most airline companies. The company must not be held responsible in case your luggage end up being carried off by someone else. To avoid this kind of issues, Mango Airlines baggage directions are for customers to identify their belongings with distinct features. Is mandatory however the attachment of a card with your full name, telephone number and physical address. Be sure your baggage has a special placement for the application of the aforementioned airlines

As a safety measure for your own convenience, you can also apply colourful markers, like laces or any other kind of distinctive mark on your baggage so it won’t be easily mistaken by the belongings of someone else.The use of locks and is also strongly recommended so you can avoid any kind of theft.


What is Allowed on Mango Airlines

Apart from conventional items customers often carry with them, like clothes, toiletries and other kind of personal belongings, Mango Airlines baggage policy also allow the special transportation of unusual items, like dry ice, that can be used to keep certain organic material refrigerated. The content that is supposed to be refrigerated must be declared at the check in. Only industrial or factory sealed food products can be transported.

Houselhold articles like lamps, lamp shades and similar items are also allowed and can be transported inside sturdy boxes.

Containers declared too fragile for transportation in the cabin, from liquors to other kind of liquids are allowed to be carried on the cargo when they are correctly packed to ensure the transportation is safe.

Sports equipment like bicycles, golfing equipment, bowling gear and diving gear are also allowed in the cargo.

What is Not Allowed on Mango Airlines

Firearms or most kind of guns are not allowed to be transported in the cabin or the hold of the aircraft on any mango flight. Crossbows that are operated with conventional arrows are allowed with the string relaxed and the arrows separated. Sports items that fall into the category of fire guns or firearms are not allowed either.

Also, Mango Airlines baggage policy is also strict about the weight limit. Be sure you are not exceeding the 32kg limit, as well as the following measures: 115 cm  (56 cm + 36 cm + 23 cm).mango airlines

On your hand bag, you cannot carry weapons of any kind, including toy guns, knives, scissors, blades and any other kind of object that could be used as a weapon.

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