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Kulula Reservations and Check In

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Kulula Reservations and Check In

mango airlinesPets have different reservation policies, specially if they are going to be transported in the cargo. For that reason, you must book your pet at least 72h before the departure and they might travel separately from you. Your arrival in the airport with the pet must be upon 2 hours prior the departure time for travels inside South Africa and 4 hours for regional flights.

Transportation of pets

kulula airlinesApart from guide dogs that are certified to be used to travel with no distressing behavior, all other pets are required to be transported on board or in the cargo appropriately sedated. Kulula Airlines is not responsible however for the kind of sedative you are applying to your pet. Be sure you are applying a certified medication prescribed by a certified veterinarian.

The pets that will be transported in the cargo must be placed inside comfortable and safe containers. They have to be allowed to stand up, lay down and move around comfortably.
The official measures of the allowed containers must be implemented upon the own animal measures. The the length must be the distance from the root of the tail to the tip of the nose. The width must be twice the width of the widest point and the height, the distance from the floor to the tip of their raised ears. Kulula Airlines will check all these measures upon the boarding and if they do not match the animal will not be allowed to be transported.

The container also must have a steady, safe and rigid lock system. Only metalic alloys are allowed for the container. No polymers or derivative plastics are permitted by Kulula Airlines following the international laws.
The ventilation system also must follow specific measures. Apart from the bars on the door of the container, the body of the containers must have at least 50% of its surface with orifices that allow the ventilation and exchange of air with the exterior. The holes must not either be bigger enough so they can put the nose or paws outside or way too small so there is not enough air circulating.

Most containers for air travel are sold by retailers allowed and recommended by the same agencies and institutions that will certify the animal for air travel transportation. You can stick to their recommendations and purchase a cargo that fits these international criteria.

Transportation of Non Mammals on Kulula Airlines

All other animals follow similar instructions, tough snakes and animals with specific needs of space may have different official measures for their containers as well as the need of sedative medication. Nonetheless, you have to also check the official recommendations prescribed by international laws.

All these non mammal animals are only allowed in the cargo, so you have to be sure they are also fit for the trip. Be ware Kulula Airlines will not be responsible for the loss of your pet whether you transported them under alternative allowed procedures. Be sure you are choosing the best for your pet.

The fee charged for the transportation of these animals is also different and will be informed upon consulting the BidAir Cargo agency. The prices are related to the weight and species of the animal. Pets are not considered cargo or excess of baggage. They are only allowed to be transported by Kulula Airlines as pets, following all the specific laws and certifications. Animals that are dispatched like cargo or excess of baggage represent a forbbiden practice and customers doing so will be breaching the law.kulula airlines

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