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Pets on Kulula Airlines

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Pets on Kulula Airlines

mango airlinesKulula is one of the most prominent air lines companies in South Africa and is completely adapted to also transport your pets, though they work under some restrictions when it comes to animals. Only cats and dogs are allowed on board in the flights. Other species have to be carried in the cargo. To make their transportation as safe and accurate as possible under the laws of pets transportation, you have to be as well adapted to bring your little friends with you, though the policy of Kulula Airlines is no different than the one applied by many other flight companies around the world and South Africa, so you will need to prepare your pet for vaccinations and certificates delivered by governmental authorities allowing your pet for a safe travel.

Which pets are allowed on Kulula airlines

Despite Kulula Airlines allow cats and dogs to be transported, the age of the animal is restrictive. Puppies and kittens are not allowed if they are under 10 weeks old. Females that are pregnant and lactating are not either allowed. These specifications follow the international laws that protect the integrity of the animals. Air trips can be quite stressing for pets that are carrying babies and lactating, and they can behave on survival mode, get really stressed and be hard to be controlled – as well as they cannot be sedated.
Be sure to check your pet is not even on early stages of pregnancy otherwise the stress of the trip might cause involuntary abortions and the animal will not have the required assistance on board.

Apart from pets that match these criteria, you can bring dogs and cats of any other age on board of your flight on Kulula Airlines, and pets of other species will come in the cargo. The restrictions of lactating females are only applied, of course, for mammals.Kulula airlines

What Your Pet Needs to Be Allowed on Kulula Airlines

There is a set of documentation required for your pet to travel with you. Firstly, they have to be certified as healthy animals by the respective authorities responsible for the control of animals. Pets who require vaccination will have to be quarantined upon the application of the required vaccines.
If you are traveling abroad, Kulula Airlines requires by law that your pet has an entry permit in the destination country as well as an exit permit and a transit one. All this documentation can be acquired with the respective authorities. The veterinarians certifying your animal will also have to be certified by the government and international laws to apply certificates.

Routers to Mauritius, Harare and Windhoueke have their specific regulations and you must concact the BidAir Cargo services to know what you have to do to be under their specific legislation.

What Are the Costs to transport your pet via Kulula Airlines

Kulula Airlines has restrict policies of transportation when it comes to weight. Pets must be transported inside a container perfectly fit for the animal. The weight of the animal and the cargo together must not exceed 20kg and costs R350 (around U$30 ). Weight in excess is allowed up to 32kg but is charged with an extra R250 fee ( U$20).

You must be aware beforehand of the weight of the container and the pet. Exceeding weight must be booked at least 24 hours before the flight departure, otherwise the availability of space is not ensured by Kulula Airlines and your pet may not be able to be transported.

If you are traveling outside of South Africa, your flight may be booked with British Airlines, so you have to follow as well their guidelines for transportation and costs. They charge the same R350 for the transportation up to 23kg, but the maximum weight is also 32kg with the same extra fee of R250.

Dog guides are free from any charges as well as they are allowed to travel on board, though the specific documentation for the animal to travel with the passenger must be also arranged beforehand.Kulula airlines

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