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If great is what you are searching for, then flying with Kulula Airlines is the greatest choice you would ever make.

Kulula Continues to be known as the premier low-cost airline of South Africa and while kicking things off the ground and into the air in 2001, this futuristic airline is well known to be the budget airline wing of British Airways Comair, thus leaving Kulula Airlines as the most inexpensive and favoured way of domestic travel in South Africa.

Impressive offers on flights from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, George and Lanseria, the Kulula Airline has expanded to include Comair flights – allowing travellers to fly out to different African continents.Kulula airlines

Kulula Flight Specials:

Cheap Kulula fights are always available . To avoid disappointment, travellers are encouraged to book Kulula flights in advance as there are only a limited number of Kulula airline tickets on special offer. For the latest Kulula Flight specials, join their mailing list and receive email updates on upcoming flight specials.This is one of the best methods to receive info on the Cheapest Kulula fights.Kulula flights

Kulula Check–in Details:

  • Kulula flight check –in open 90 minutes before departure
  • Check–in closes 30 minutes before flight departure
  • Times are subject to change, contact and confirm with Kulula directly.
  • Should you wish to online check–in for your Kulula flight, you can use the site or Travellers have the option to check – in online 24 hours prior to departure and print their own boarding pass.

Note that online and mobi check in closes 2 hours prior to departure website check-in:

  • In the check-in block, select your flight number eg: ‘MN’ for Kulula and ‘BA’ for British Airways
  • Insert booking reference and last name
  • Select traveller/s that you are checking in and indicate the traveller you are eg: male, female or child
  • Thereafter you can either check-in or select a seat. To select a seat , click on the ‘Select seat’ tab and choose the seat of your choice, free of charge.
  • Once checked-in, you can either print your boarding pass or send it to your email and collect it from the check-in counter at the airport

Kulula App check-in:

  • In order to check-in for your kulula flight , click on the ‘Check-in’ menu
  • Once on the check-in screen, enter your kulula booking reference and last name and the click check-in. once that is completed, read through the important information and the app will then display the upcoming trip with the travellers details available for check-in
  • Select the traveller/s that you would like to check-in and add any additional information per traveller as required

Kulula Airlines Baggage policy Kulula Baggage Policy:

Kulula Baggage allowances:

To avoid difficulty at the airport with regard to your luggage, make sure to conform to the weight and dimensions of the hand and bag luggage.

Kulula Hand baggage Policy:

  • Maximum weight : 7kg
  • Maximum size: 115cm
  • Plus one small handbag and a slim laptop bag

(Including handles, pockets and wheels)

Kulula Checked in Baggage Policy:

  • Maximum weight: 20kg
  • Maximum size: 208cm

(Including handles, pockets and wheels)

  • If your bag weighs over 20kg but less than 32kg, a fee of R330 will apply.

Kulula Extra Baggage Policy:

Buying extra baggage:

At times 20kg’s may not be enough to fit your extended stay at your fly out destination and at other times, you may need extra baggage space returning from your place of travel. Worry not as Kulula ensures travellers that purchasing extra bags is the perfect solution.

How can you purchase extra baggage with Kulula Airlines?

  • Online:
  • Purchase extra baggage when booking your flight at least 2 hours prior to flight departure.
  • A fee of R320 per bag, per flight will be charged and is payable by credit card only.
  • Contact Centre:
  • You can call Kulula ( 0861 585852) at least 2 hours prior to flight departure (Monday to Sunday 7am – 7pm)
  • A fee of R320 per bag, per flight will be charged
  • At the Airport:
  • You can purchase your extra bags at the ticket sales counter
  • A fee of R415 per bag, per flight will be charged
  • Note that extra bags are not refundable after check in.
  • To cancel your purchase, call the contact centre 0861 Kulula (585852) more than 2 hours before your flight.
  • Extra bag/s should not exceed limit of 20kg’s even if shared between two or more travellers.

Kulula Pet PolicyFlying with pets on Kulula Flights:

Kulula Airlines no longer accepts domestic pets and live animals at their check–in counters, excluding dogs that are permitted for check–in and in the cabin.

To arrange for the transportation of your pet, call 011 230 4600 or email at least 48 hours ahead of departure.

Depending on the fragility of the types of equipment, passengers are required to call the contact centre for advice and information on carrying these items. However, the equipment can be stored in with your free 20kg luggage or you can purchase extra baggage.

Kulula Airline In–Flight seating arrangements:

Passangers have the option of pre-selecting their seats using the Kulula app when checking-in online or book seats at the counter. Kulula Check–in opens 24 hours prior to the flight and advantage is given to those who pre-pay and secure their favourite seat by selecting a pre-paid seat where prices range from R60 – R130 and is available at the time of your booking 24 hours before your departure. Additional charges apply should you book for an extra seat for personal comfort.

Kulula Airline Pre-paid seats:

Passangers are welvome to purchase seats online 24 hours prior to flight departure. Pre – booking is available from R60, depending on your seat selection.

Kulula Airline Stretch zone (Extra leg room seats):

Kulula has selectively allocated special seats for those who prefer to stretch out when flying.

Emergency exit row seating conditions:

An emergency exit row seating can be purchased when you make your booking. These seats are located at the emergency exit doors. In order to purchase these seats, you must adhere to the safety requirements.

  • Passengers need to be 16 years or older and must be willing to assist in the case of an emergency.
  • Passengers must be able to understand instructions in English.
  • Passengers should be free from any mental or physical condition that may prevent them from assisting in the case of an emergency.
  • They must have strength, mobility and balance is a requirement should the exit door need to be opened.
  • Passengers seated in the emergency exit row seats should not be pregnant, disabled, an elderly or require an extension seatbelt.

Kulula Check-in seat selection:

Travellers can select their perfect seat when they check in online using site or at the airport check – in within 24 hours prior to departure.Kulula Airlines in flight seating

What is a Kulula ID?

  • A secure and personalised account on
  • Saves you time by safely storing your credit card and travel details in your Kulula profile
  • Travellers with a Kulula ID are first to be notified about flight and travel specials

Is Kulula ID safe?

Yes, Kulula has the highest safety standards and have even made life simple for their members by ensuring that their site and partners are PCI compliant.

Kulula Travel bank:

What is a travel bank?

  • A travel bank is an easier or an alternative way to pay/partially pay for flights, also known as a travel bank account.
  • Travellers can combine credit card payment with travel bank to pay for flight
  • Can only be used towards flights

How can I get a Travel bank account?

  • You will need to create a Kulula ID

To avoid instances of having to re-book for your flight, make sure that you mention whether you are travelling with children and or an infant of ages 2 and below.

Infants flying on Kulula Flights:

  • Infants between the ages of 7 days and 2 years old fly for 15% of the adult airfare.
  • They must be between ages of 7 days and 2 years old on the day of travel
  • Infants are required to travel on the lap of a parent or legal guardian on Kulula flights
  • One adult is required to accompany each infant
  • Premature babies require approval to travel
  • Additional bags cannot be purchased for infants

Children flying on Kulula:

  • Children are aged between the age 2 and 12 years old and are required to pay the adult fee for Kulula flights
  • At least one adult should accompany every five children travelling on Kulula flights
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult 16 years and older
  • Children have the same amount of baggage allowance as adult passengers 

Can you fly with Kulula if you’re pregnant?

  • A doctors consent to travel will be required from women who are 28 weeks pregnant and wish to fly on kulula
  • A confirmation from the doctor stating the due date, and confirmation that there are no pregnancy complications will be required
  • Women who are 36 weeks pregnant with 1 child would not be allowed to fly with Kulula Airines
  • Women who are 32 weeks pregnant with more than 1 child will not be allowed to fly

Kulula Fare Brands:

For those who are unsure of their travel plans, Kulula gives you the option of selecting a fare brand to ease your mind when booking your flights.

When you are shopping on for flights, you are have the choice to purchase a ticket at the lowest price. However, these fares come with high restrictions. These brands come with

  • More flexibility with lower fees in the event of rescheduling , changing or cancellation of flights
  • Total flexibility that provides a full refund.

Click Here to Download the Kulula Airlines Fare Brands Guide

Kulula International flights: promises to take their travellers to new heights, that is to travel within south Africa and outside of South Africa.

When flying international remember to:

  • Check your passport and vitality dates as the countries you may be visiting require a valid passport
  • Make sure you have the right travel documents for your trip, some countries require visas. It is advisable to those who do not have a visa to apply for one months in advance, before planning an international trip
  • Discuss with your medical practitioner when is the suitable time to get vaccinations before taking an international trip

Baggage allowance when flying internationally with Kulula Airlines:

  • Your baggage allowance depends on your travel class and ticket type
  • The free baggage allowance is shown on your ticket. For electronic tickets, you can find this information on your receipts
  • Baggage allowance depends on the baggage rules applied at the time of your flight
  • Different rules apply for different destinations

Reasons you should fly with Kulula Airlines:

  • High standards at low cost flight prices
  • Outstanding service
  • Kulula ensures that needs of travellers are always put first
  • Delivers best value to their customers
  • Offers great dealsKulula Flights

kulula moolaKulula moolah is basically like having cash to pay for flights. You can earn Kulula moolah every time you swipe your Kulula credit card.

  • 1 Kululah moolah is equivalent to R1. You can use your Kululah moolah to pay for a flight by logging into your Kulula ID profile to access your travel bank account.
  • Kulula moolah cannot be used to pay for car rental or accommodation.

Kulula Credit CardKulula rewards you whenever you spend using your Kulula credit card by giving you Kulula moolah back to pay or partially pay for your next flight. Kulula has now upgraded to a new gold card, which is easy and safe for travellers to use.

eVouches and gift cards:

Kulula ensures that vouches can be used towards booking a flight once the voucher credits have been converted to a Travel bank account.

Steps you can take to redeem your Kulula voucher:

For travellers who don’t have a Travel bank account:

  • First create a Kulula ID
  • Call the Kulula contact centre – 0861 KULULA (585852)
  • Make sure that you have your eVoucher code ready
  • Once the above steps are done, you will find that your voucher credits have been converted into your Travel bank account.
  • Thereafter you can log on to the Kulula site and book your flight while paying with Travel bank

For travellers who have an existing Travel bank account:

  • Call the Kulula contact centre
  • Have your eVoucher code ready
  • Once the above process is over, your credits will be converted to your Travel bank account

Kulula Flights for Discovery Vitality Members

  • You can earn great savings between 15-35% depending on your vitality status when you book for kulula flights, kulula car rentals or hotels online
  • A waiting period of 3 months is required before you can use Vitality travel benefits once you have joined Discovery Health, Discovery Life or, Group Life.
  • When you make a kulula flight booking, you need to log into Discovery first so that you can benefit from the Vitality savings
  • A Discovery booking fee of R385 is added to all international flights that are booked through the Kulula website using the Vitality benefit. This fee is added on each ticket you book, adults and children are charged separately
  • A Discovery booking fee is added to all local and regional flights on British Airways (Comair) using the Vitality benefit. Adults and children are charged separately
  • Should a Discovery Vitality member decide to book offline with British Airways special projects team then travellers need to book 48 hours prior to flight departure and a service fee will be charged over the Discovery booking fee.
  • All additional fees do not apply to infants under the age of 2

Depending on the dates of booking and the dates of flight departures, the Discovery booking fee for local and regional flights will vary.

  • A booking fee of R55 applies when you book 21 days or more prior to your departure date.
  • A booking fee of R80 applies should you book between 7 and 20 days prior to departure, unless your vitality saving is less than that of R80, then your booking fee will automatically change to R55
  • A booking fee of R99 applies when you book less than 7 days before departure date, unless your vitality saving is less than that of R99, then your booking fee will change to R80 or R55

Paying for Kulula flights with Discovery Miles:

  • You can use your discovery miles to pay or pay part of your Kulula flight
  • You can save on car hires and hotel bookings
  • Travellers can use their Travel bank account or their Discovery Vitality Miles to pay towards their flight booking.

Kulula has an offer that works well for their travellers. With the price freeze option from just R55, you get to hold your flight booking for 24 hours until you are able to complete payment.

  • Kulula Price Freeze fee is charged per person, per booking and is inclusive of VAT
  • The fee does not form part of your flight booking total, travellers will have to pay the remaining amount of the reserved booking separately online
  • Ticket price expires 24 hours after the Price Freeze payment
  • Only credit cards will be accepted as a form of payment
  • The Kulula Airlines Price Freeze option is not available for flights that depart within 7 days before your departure date
  • Price Freeze will not be offered as an option for discounted and or sale kulula flights.
  • Price Freeze fee is non-refundable


If standing in long queues, having patience is not your strongest point and you often daydream of jumping queues then Kulula has some great news for you! Kulula Q-Jump allows you to skip the boarding process madness and puts you first in line to board the plane all while charging you a small fee.

Benefits of Kulula Q-Jump:

  • You are one of the first to board the aircraft
  • Checked bags or any extra bags that have been purchased are tagged with Q-Jump bag tags for identification
  • Q-jump checked bags are one of the first to be offloaded at the airport

How can I add Kulula Q-Jump?

  • Online: Add Kulula Q-Jump through the booking process or 24hrs before flight departure
  • Contact centre: Call the Kulula contact centre on 0861 KULULA (585852) and speak to a friendly agent
  • Airport: You can purchase a Q-Jump ticket up to 2 hours before flight departure


How does Q-Jump work?

  • Travellers must arrive at the boarding gate on time to make sure they receive the full benefits of the Q-Jump
  • Travellers are required to go to the Q-Jump boarding pass queue to present their boarding pass which displays the Q-Jump stamp
  • If you do not head to the boarding gate prior to your flight departure, you may still skip the queue by presenting your boarding pass at the boarding gate

Kulula offers an exclusive Slow XS Lounge for all travellers flying from Lanseria for just R190 per person (Adults and children 2 – 17 years)

Slow XS Lounge includes:

  • Free wifi
  • Complimentary treats and beverages
  • Cosy spaces of comfort for work purposes
  • Free reading material and TV entertainment

How can I book a seat in the Slow XS Lounge?

  • All kulula passengers can book a seat in the lounge on the website when booking a flight or through the Kulula contact centre: 0861 KULULA (585852)
  • If you are a bit indecisive, you will still have the option on the day of travel to purchase a lounge seat for your flight booking through ‘Manage my booking’ on 24 hours prior to your flight
  • Passengers who want to make a change to their flight where a Slow XS Lounge booking was made on their original flight have the option to do so.

How can I gain access to Slow XS Lounge?

  • Present your valid boarding pass and identification on arrival
  • Access to the lounge is valid on the day of travel only from 2 hours prior to the flight departure time unless the flight is delayed the access will be extended to new boarding time

What are the opening hours to Slow XS Lounge?

  • Monday – Thursday: 04h30 – 20h00
  • Friday: 04h30 – 21h00
  • Saturday: 06h00 – 18h00
  • Sunday: 06h00 – 21h00

Kulula passengers get to enjoy complimentary foods and drinks while at the Slow Lounge. The free access to wifi and international power sockets allow passengers to kick back and catch up on work duties. With a wide choice of entertainment from watching TV and reading an addition of the slow magazine, Kulula ensures travellers have a relaxing time before departing their flight.

Kulula App

Kulula App

The Kulula App allows you to store information about your upcoming trips, manages your flights status, check-in for your kulula flight and also enables you to use the electronic boarding pass to check in.

Kulula App features include:

  • You can now view and share Kulula flight information
  • Check in and select your seat
  • You can view and share e-boarding passes
  • Gives you the option to store upcoming trips
  • Quick access to manage your bookings
  • Check weather and forecast updates
  • Read through and get information from the FAQ’s feature on this app

You can download the Kulula App Here

Combine and Save with Kulula Airlines:

Travellers can create their own travel package by combining their Kulula flight with either a car hire or hotel booking. You save more by choosing to create your own package.

How can combine and save be purchased?

  • By using a credit card only. You can find the combine and save option online when booking your trip
  • No Travel bank, Discovery miles, SID or bank deposit payments will be accepted

Kulula allows you to create your own travel package, be it for business or pleasure. You have the options to:

  • Choose a car hire with your Kulula flight
  • Choose a hotel booking with your Kulula flight
  • Or the option of all three

How do I make a booking?

  • Visit the Kulula site, select the combine and save option that you prefer and then choose what you would like to add on into your combination eg: flight = car hire = hotel booking

Combination booking changes:

  • Call the Kulula contact centre on 0861 KULULA (585852) and a ‘Combo’ agent will assist you.

Business and group Bookings with Kulula

Group Bookings with Kulula Airlines

Kulula helps you book for you and your 10 family or friends whether it be for a good time or some serious work time, Kulula has it laid out simple for you.

What are the benefits of Kulula group bookings ?

  • You get great fares when travelling in a group
  • You are able to make group bookings easily for you and 10 or more people
  • You get quicker turnaround times
  • You are promised to receive real time updates as you move through the booking process
  • You are more in control of your bookings

Group check in:

  • Group travellers of 10 -15 need to to check in at the counter check in
  • Group travellers of 9 or less can check in on the website

Kulula Group baggage:

  • Each traveller gets one free checked luggage of 20kg
  • Each traveller is allowed 7kg hand luggage

Kulula Group payments:

Kulula Airlines Group booking deposits:

  • Kulula charges a 10% non-refundable deposit fee and is required to be paid where a booking is made more than 63 days prior to departure. The deposit needs to be paid within 14 days of the quotation being accepted..

Bookings made less than 52 days prior to departure:

  • Full payment is required within 48 hours after quote acceptance if bookings have been made less than 52 days prior to the traveller’s departure. The booking will be cancelled should the deposit or full payment not been made by a certain date.

Final payment for late bookings:

  • Full payment is required within 24 hours if bookings have been made 5 – 13 days prior to flight departure.
  • Immediate payment is required to finalize bookings if the flight booking has been made 1-4 days prior to departure.

Different forms of payment for Kulula Group Bookings:

  • Credit Card
  • EFT payments

Cancellations fees for Kulula Group Bookings:

  • 100% Cancellation fee applies to all funds received 63 days or less.
  • A reasonable fee will be charged for payments made prior to 63 days of departure.

Kulula Business Travel:

Kulula offers Business travel for their passengers in 6 different categories. Travellers are able to choose which category works for them through the information listed below.

1) Commuter:

If you travel on a return flight at least once or twice a week, then the Kulula commuter package will work best for you.

Kulula work value:

Individual travellers qualify for discounted airfares, on condition that they remain as a commuter member.

Who is a commuter?

  • A person who flies at least one return per week, throughout the year
  • Travels between place of resident and place of employment

How can I qualify for great savings?

  • You need proof that you are a weekly traveller

What are my benefits as a Kulula Commuter?

  • Commuters that sign up with Kulula work, receive cheap Kulula Flights, as well as Kulula benefits.

2) Corporate:

If you are frequently travelling for business, otherwise known as a corporate traveller, here’s what has for you.

The Kulula work value:

  • Companies with 2 or more employees travelling on business at least twice a month, qualify for discounted airfares

Who is a corporate traveller?

  • Travels on business at least twice a month
  • They are known as early birds, they are known to catch flights at 05h00

How do I qualify for great savings?

  • If you are a Kulula fan, a minimum of R100k per annum will get you benefits
  • If your company travels domestically through British Airways, then a minimum of R350k will be needed to be spent per annum in order to be worth your while.

What are my benefits as a Kulula Corporate Traveler?

  • The usual Kulula work benefits

3) Government:

If you are a traveller on official business then the Government package is for you.

The Kulula work value:

National, Provincial and Local Government, including their entities all qualify for discounts on their airfares from both Kulula Airlines and British Airways (Comair) which ahs been negotiated by the National Treasury.

Who is a government traveller?

  • A person who travels for business and is employed by the government/entity

How can I qualify for great savings?

  • Your company is eligible to qualify for great savings if your department travels domestically and is listed on the National Treasury deal.

What are my benefits as a Kulula Government Traveler?

  • The usual Kulula work benefits and discounted airfares which have been negotiated by the National Treasury.

5) Muso:

This one is for the music solo artists and/or branded agencies.

The Kulula work value:

Artists, Musicians and music management companies receive assistance when travelling with musical equipment

Who is a Muso traveller?

  • A solo artist or a musical group or band who fly to perform their work in another city domestically or regionally.

How can I qualify for great savings?

  • You need to be travelling to do a professional gig

What are my benefits?

  • The usual Kulula benefits.
  • Ensuring the musical equipment remains with the traveller for the duration of the flight and not in the cabin.

6) Sport:

Sports fanatic or travelling for sporting purposes?

The Kulula work value:

Sports people and clubs receive assistance when travelling with their sport equipment.

Who is a sports traveller?

  • A traveller/travellers who fly to show off their talents specifically in competitive scenarios

How can I qualify for great savings?

  • You need to be a professional athlete or sportsperson

What are my benefits as a Kulula sports traveler?

  • Usual Kulula work benefits
  • Ensures that your equipment travels with you and not in the cabin

Kulula Airlines Info GraphicAll Information provided on this webpage is subject to change without notice at anytime. Please use this webpage as a advisory and call Kulula directly to confirm information you require