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Kulula Black Friday Deals

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Kulula Black Friday Deals

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kulula black friday specialsIf there is one arena that you would want to take advantage of on Black Friday, it would be flight deals. South Africans are spoilt for choice when it comes to flight deals and even more so on Black Friday. One of the airlines that has jumped on the bandwagon of this American tradition is Kulula. Kulula Black Friday specials means scoring flights that are priced next to nothing from Kulula.


Kulula Airlines

Kulula was the first airline that gave South Africans the option of choosing a budget airline to fly with. Prior to this, there were only full service flights available in the country with prices that did not allow a wide range of people to flights. With Kulula, passengers got a no frills flight across many cities in the country at a fraction of the price of a standard airline ticket. This did mean that certain factors did not make the cut, from entertainment to an in-flight meal. This did not deter customers though, who really just needed the flight. Driving across cities in South Africa takes several hours. This timing is brought down drastically by air. A Kulula flight comes with an economy class seat, carry-on and checked luggage, Khuluma magazine, on board cafe and friendly attendants. This was an ideal scenario for South Africans who could now travel cross country at really affordable pricing. Kulula has joined in on the Black Friday craziness giving great discounts on flights, thereby bringing prices even further down. Kulula Black Friday flights can be paid for with a credit card, Kulula Moolah, eBucks, Discovery Miles and SID.

kulula black friday deals

About Black Friday

Black Friday was originally an American tradition of sorts. It takes place the day after Thanksgiving, which is held on Thursday. A lot of retailers began offering great deals on products on the Friday, which became a huge success. The term Black Friday was coined to mark the day. It has become known as the unofficial start to shopping for the festive season. As huge as it is in the states, it is no wonder that the boom has taken off in multiple other countries, including South Africa. It is a relatively new concept in South Africa but recent years have seen the trend scale greatly. The internet sees a huge proponent of Black Friday deals as people are now gearing a lot towards online shopping. Kulula flights in particular are best gained in this regard. Waiting in line to see a travel agent or to speak to a consultant, means that precious time is being wasted where online buyers are quickly snapping up flight seats. Flying is expensive and because the cost of tickets are reduced during Black Friday, there is a huge demand for them. With the Kulula Black Friday flights, customers can snap up tickets for their travelling needs for the year ahead.

kulula black friday flights

Where to find Kulula Black Friday Deals?

Kulula Black Friday deals are best found on the internet. This can be either their website itself or comparison sites. Research is so much easier as all of the information can be found at ease without having to tread from store to store or find ads in newspapers. There is also no need to deal with the physical madness regarding Black Friday. Malls and stores do get crazy and people start lining up in queues from as early as the first hours of the day. Promotions that will be happening on the day itself are put out in advance so that customers have a chance to know what to expect and go after. The best places to find these are through social media channels. It is not just flights that are offered as part of Kulula Black Friday specials but travel packages as well. Kulula routinely offers travel packages to some really exotic destinations at very affordable prices. Here, all major factors relating to a holiday are included so you would not have to bother with crossing the net to find the best deals. Getting them as part of Kulula Black Friday deals is so much sweeter, as the price is dropped down considerably. This now allows for travel, really at a fraction of the cost. Kulula Black Friday deals are only offered on the day itself. The manic sale opens in the morning and closes around midnight. This does not mean, that customers have until the end of the day to book their Kulula Black Friday flights. The airlines only has a set amount of seats that they can offer over a period of time. When the prices for these flights come way down, you can be sure that there will be thousands of others who will be wanting a piece of the action as well. This is why you would be sitting at your computer as soon as the Kulula Black Friday sale is live. Make sure to have an idea of the cities and dates that you would most need flights for so that you would not waste precious time when the sale is on. Kulula Black Friday specials are given on a lot of flights in various cities across South Africa. Kulula has already made travel so much cheaper for people to criss-cross the country, making Black Friday the cherry on the cake. Since Black Friday is done so close to the Christmas season, cheap flights are also a welcome relief to get family members home. Once you have found flights on the dates and to the city of your choice, it would be time to go ahead, book and confirm it. Online booking remains the easiest option, completed in a few steps taking no more than a few minutes. Once a particular Kulula flight has been chosen you would be asked to select any add-on options such as seat selection, and to then give in some personal information before making payment. Once this has been accepted, the flight will be officially booked. On the day of your flight, you can also use the net to check into the flight, to once again beat the queues.


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