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Value Car Hire

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value car hireValue Car Hire has the distinction of being the largest, private car rental company in South Africa. The company has never wavered in their commitment to giving their clients the cheapest hire and in the process have driven off a number of offers to join up with larger car hire corporations. With Value Car Hire, it is more than just the hiring of a vehicle. Keeping customers happy and satisfied are the core values of the company. This is how they have become so large and yet remained an independent company, because of their loyal following. They are based throughout the country, with numerous of these branches being located in KwaZulu Natal. The King Shaka Airport, Downtown Durban and even the smaller holiday towns make up the locations. Customers can choose any one of the Value Car Hire branches. Most choose to do their rental with Value Car Hire at Durban Airport for its obvious reasons of being able to have a personal ride directly off of stepping off a plane. Others deem it a chore to tackle the rental process with Value Car Hire at Durban Airport after a tiring flight and prefer to use airport or hotel shuttle services to get out of the airport and relax a bit before proceeding with the car hire. If customers do not want to do their Value car hire at Durban Airport then it can simple be tackled at the closest branch to the hotel that they will be staying at.


The Value Car Hire Fleet

The Value Car Hire fleet is consistent throughout the country. Car brands and models may change a lot due to constant upkeep of the fleet to ensure only newer model vehicles are included, but the vehicle type remains the same. These are to ensure that customers get a vehicle that will cater for their travel needs. These are.

  • Small city cars allows for drivers to scoot around town with ease. Their smaller frame ensures that driving and parking is a breeze. Light on petrol, these city oriented cars are also easy on the value car hire durbanpockets as the tank dries up very slowly. For a holiday to Durban or even a business trip, these are often the go to vehicles for their cost effectiveness. These small cars are no longer like their past counterparts. Nowadays, modern features such as air-conditioning and electric windows come standard in almost all models, making even entry model cars quite a driving pleasure.
  • Larger luxury cars can be classified as being either sedan or SUV. Besides being bigger in size, especially the boot area, these high end vehicles are the latest offerings from motor manufacturers. They are pricier to hire out, so you would want to lean towards a company such as Value Car Hire in Durban to get the best deal.
  • People carriers will allow for much more passengers to be able to travel in a single vehicle. They can seat up to 16 people in general. A trip, whether business or pleasure will run much more smoothly when all members of the group are on the same page, and none the more so than during travel. You do not want to waste time by driving around in value car hireseparate vehicles but instead to arrive together and make off immediately for an adventure or business meeting. Besides being practical it is also cost effective, with less paperwork to just hire out one vehicle from Value Car Hire.
  • 4x4s are off road vehicles, meaning they are highly capable of handling dirt roads. They would be the vehicle choice for those holidaymakers who intend on visiting rustic areas for overnight camping or Game Reserve visits. You are able to pack a load with these vehicles as in addition to a 5 seater front, there is also ample back space for storage. 2 seater vans are also available at Value Car Hire in Durban.

Just because these vehicles are included in the Value Car Hire fleet, does not mean that customers are guaranteed of hiring the vehicle that they need. Cars from their fleet is available for booking from months in advance. As you get closer to a date in question, there will be more and more people interested in hiring vehicles for their time in Durban. If you book in advance however, then you stand a good chance of landing the vehicle you have been eyeing. If you do your reservation online, you will be able to confirm a rental vehicle in a matter of minutes.

At Value Car Hire, vehicle reliability is everything. The company has indeed built up a quality record of this through the ongoing maintenance of their vehicles. This, combined with all vehicles being cleaned after each use, gives their customers access to exceptionally roadworthy vehicles.


Value Car Hire Specials

Value Car Hire is always coming out with promotions to offer South Africans even greater savings when renting their vehicles. Always enquire and look around when you are booking vehicles from Value Car Hire in Durban or any of their other branches.

  • Weekday and weekend rentals also come with some fabulous pricing from Value Car Hire in Durban. Look into these if you would be renting out during these time periods to take advantage of some awesome offers.
  • value car hire durban airportLong term car hire is indeed an option with the company. Rental rates are charged per day. As you can imagine, if someone were to hire out a vehicle for over a month, then the final tally would be quite an amount. Value Car Hire hopes to bring this figure down by offering special rates on vehicles rented for over a month. Remember, this cheaper rate only applies if the vehicle is to be rented for more than a month. Long term Value Car Hire in Durban is ideal for those who have an extended stay in the city. With the special rates, Value Car Hire makes it an option for more people to now have access to a private vehicle during the entire length of their stay.
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