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Margate car rental

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Enjoy this tourist town with your Margate car rental margate car rental

  • Your Margate car rental takes you places with style
  • Drive yourself and your family to the South Coast Sardine run
  • Make your way to the  Umtamvuna Nature Reserve

The south coast town of Margate is not a town where you can even think about visiting without a Margate car rental.   The minute your flight lands at King Shaka International airport book with a Margate car rental company and take a drive to the south coast. The drive is not boring and has alot of scenery to offer. One of the best drives you can possibly take. Margate is not popular for the sake of being popular. The weather is perfect and sunny throughout most of the year. It is a popular seaside resort town offering some of the best diving on the South African coast. Margate has perfect sub-tropical weather teamed with golden beaches, coastal forests. There is an abundance of tropical fish and coral reefs due to the warm Indian Ocean current that flows across the coastline. Margate is the best place for diving as there are schools of fish and groups of sharks that congregate at various diving sites. Some diving destinations that you have to make your way to with your south coast car hire rental vehicle include Adda Reef and Deep Salmon. You can also enjoy other water sports like canoeing, boardsailing, boating and skiing. Make sure that your Margate car rental is big enough to accommodate your swimming gear. Margate car hire companies own a wide fleet of vehicles to accommodate the extra space that you might need.

Visit places with your Margate car rental

margate car rentalMake your way with your Margate car rental to the annual South Coast Sardine Run which takes place in Margate once a year. The town comes alive with fishermen and locals as billions of tiny silver fish make their way to this coastline. With them come larger game fish, dolphins, sharks, seals, whales and a variety of birdlife too. This event is not strictly for children but the adults will also enjoy seeing these majestic marine animals. With a Margate car hire you can make your way to Mpenjati Nature Reserve which is just 20 kilometers south of Margate. The reserve lies on Mpenjati River lagoon. This reserve consists of floodplain marsh habitats, area of coastal forest, grasslands and as well as a river bed. This reserve is also perfect for bird enthusiast as there are many birds that frequent this area due to the plantations. It is also a popular destination for water based activities. Pack a picnic basket in your south coast car hire rental boot and head to reserve for a lovely day with the family. There are two picnic sites on either side of the river bank. These sites also have braai facilities amongst other facilities.

Another popular destination you can visit with your Margate car rental is the Umtamvuna Nature Reserve which is about 30 km from Margate. The reserve contains a stretch of riverine forest and steep rocky cliffs with abundant wildlife. This reserve borders the Umtamvuna Riverand. The reserve boasts beautiful flowers during springtime. For those who enjoy hiking, trails are available where you can take in what this botanical haven imargate car rentals offering. The trails differ in duration though. The Cape vulture and fish eagle breed in the reserve and other bird species have been recorded. Other animals present include the bushbuck, serval, baboon, samango monkeys, blue and grey duiker and common reedbuck.
















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