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Book Travelstart cheap flights for you and your Travelstart cheap flights

  • Travelstart cheap flights helps facilitate family holidays
  • Cheap flights means going beyond the South African border
  • Become a tourist in other countries too

With Travelstart cheap flights you can take your whole family on a holiday or visit grandma. The cost of flying is no longer the reason why you cannot afford flying. With Travelstart cheap flights, family holidays do not have to be limited to the South African borders anymore. If you can afford and have extra pennies, why not go abroad. If you can save a considerable amount on the airline tickets, the savings can be transferred to the rest of the trip. Family vacations are very important and should not be overlooked.

Travelstart cheap flights make family holidays possible and you get to enjoy:

Quality time

Parents and children are constantly on the go. Parents are bombarded with work and household duties while the children have school, after school programs, sports and other activities. The time to sit down and engage in conversations is limited. While on vacation, nobody is worried about school, work, household chores etc. The family is for once together and the parents can bond with their children again.Travelstart cheap flights


With a family vacation, the daily routines are set aside for a while and you are allowed to just relax and do nothing. Routine can consume a person and it is important to just once escape it even if it is for 2 weeks. This time could be used to do fun activities for both parents and their kids.

Fond memories

The best time to take pictures are during family vacations. Everyone is having fun and smiling and laughing about because they are at their happiest. You can look back on these fond memories in your family album. It is also fun to look at all the destinations that you have visited and how different and grown the kids look during each vacation.

Experiencing new things

Lastly family vacations allow you to experience new things. Whether you and your family take a vacation out of the country, or around the corner, there is no doubt you all will learn different things. You can learn about different cultures, cuisine and history of wherever you might go. It might be the first time you go on a safari or horseback riding.

Travelstart cheap flights Make use of Travelstart cheap flights to go visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.With Disney’s Animal Kingdom lodge, families get to experience an African safari without ever leaving the lodge. The property has 33 acres of savannahs and homes over 200 animals representing more than 100 different species. Book a Travelstart cheap flight and make your way to Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort in Utah United States. Skiing in South Africa is limited to when we have snow. Snow is not that common. So if you would like to have a skiing experience then you know where to go with your children. The resort is situated in Little Cottonwood Canyon, which also offers a mountain to explore. The close proximity to the Great Salt Lake ensures over 500 inches of snow falls annually. It is not a once in a blue moon experience like South Africa. The resort offers ice skating, snow tubing, snowshoe tours and luge sleds. Parents can unwind with a stone massage or herbal wrap at the luxurious Cliff Spa.

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