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Port Elizabeth Airport

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Port Elizabeth Airport

The Port Elizabeth Airport is known as the ten minute airport as it is placed within a mere five minutes from the central business district and the beach front. Also the Port Elizabeth is just 10 minutes from the other main areas of the city.

At the moment the Port Elizabeth handles more than one million passengers each year as well as over 800 tons of cargo that ranges from frozen lobster, meat, ostrich skins and more.

The Port Elizabeth Airport is in the Eastern Cape and was once called the H.F. Verwoerd Airport. The airport in Port Elizabeth is owned and operated by the Airports Company South Africa, which also operates another nine airports in South Africa.

There have been number improvements to the Port Elizabeth Airport because of the tourism growth in the area. The terminal at the airport has been expanded so that it is able to handle two million passengers each year. This will also create a central retail area that you can use whilst you wait for your flight that you have booked with FlySaFair.

FlySaFair website is an easy place to book your flight from the Port Elizabeth Airport to either Cape Town or Johannesburg. You will receive a quality booking process as well as having every attention to detail catered for.

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