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Tempest Car Hire

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Tempest Car HireTempest Car Hire tries to bring you the lowest rates in car rental, whether you are hiring a car on business or for pleasure. Tempest Car Hire has over 3000 vehicles that range from economy vehicles to people carriers as well as all the cars in between. Tempest Car Hire caters for all your needs whether you are looking for a daily or weekend rental, one way car hire or a long term car rental.

Tempest Car Hire has a variety of rental offerings and will try and match you with the best deal that they have on offer as well as offering airport transfer options. You are able to book your car from Tempest Car Hire via our website. You can arrange where you will pick up your car, the date and the time and where you will be dropping off the car rental and on what day.

Tempest Car Hire Durban also run specials so be sure to check these out when you are hiring your car so you may just be able to save a little extra. Tempest Car Hire have branches throughout South Africa and are also available at the major airports in South Africa, so you will always be able to hire an affordable car no matter what you are looking for.


The Vehicle Range at Tempest Car Hire

The countrywide Tempest fleet consists of over 3000 vehicles, with vehicles chosen to meet all travel needs in South Africa. All vehicles are routinely serviced, and are cleaned before being rented to the next customer. The range consists of the following vehiclesTempest Car Hire

  • Hatchbacks- if it is a cheap, reliable car that you need then hatchbacks are the perfect fit. They come with the lowest rates in the range and are very light on fuel.
  • Sedans- if a bigger and more comfortable vehicle with a bit more space is needed then sedans are the car to hire.
  • Vans- if a lot of space is needed then vans are the vehicles to hire. Items can be safely stored at the back as all Tempest vans come with a canopy. Vans are also the best hire if there will be a fair amount of off road driving.
  • People carriers- if there is a group of people who are travelling together then the people carrier vehicles from Tempest Car Hire should be rented out. This way the group can travel together and not have to go through the bother of hiring out 2 or 3 smaller vehicles.


Additional Rental Items at Tempest Car Hire

Child safety seats- child safety seats must be hired if there will be a baby or toddler travelling in the hired Tempest vehicle. South African law states that these seats must be used to transport infants and toddlers during road travel. They really are the proven way of keeping kids much more protected in the case of a vehicle impact. Tempest Car Hire South Africa offers baby seats and booster seats. Child safety seats from Tempest Car Hire are priced per rental period.

Navigation systems- a GPS unit is a must hire when renting out a car in a visiting city. Even if you are a seasoned visitor to a city then GPS units will guide you with voice prompts directly to any new destinations. This way, Tempest Car Hire customers can save a lot of time by not getting lost and not being late to any important meetings. The GPS unit used by Tempest Car Hire is the TOM TOM system. Navigation units from Tempest Car Hire are priced per day of hire.


Tempest Car Hire Airport Transfers

The Tempest transfer service is a sure-fire way to ensure that you would have a vehicle to either pick you up or drop you off at the airport. The service is charged per transfer and not per passenger. Transfer services can be done in a sedan if there are a few passengers or in an MPV vehicle if there is a group of people. The service is individually crafted according to the destination and vehicle type. Customers will be picked or dropped off right at the terminal building of the airport.

Tempest Car Hire


Bookings at Tempest Car Hire

Vehicles can be booked from Tempest Car Hire 1 of 3 ways.

  • The first would be for you to go to any one of the Tempest Car Hire branches which can be found around the country. The staff will help guide you through the rental process and with the selection of a vehicle, and process the booking on your behalf.
  • The second would be to call through to the Tempest central reservations department and do the booking telephonically. Consultants are on hand to help with any queries and also to process the booking.
  • The third would be to make the booking online. Unlike the first 2 options, you would process the booking yourself. The booking engine has been designed to make this an effortless process. Online is the most used booking option seeing as bookings can be done 24/7. The other 2 options do have closing times.

To book a vehicle at Tempest Car Hire, you have to first select the dates that the vehicle will need to be hired along with an exact time for pick-up and at which branch. You would then select the vehicle type from the available options according to the dates selected. Finally you would enter in a few personal and contact details and proceed with payment. An additional driver may be added onto the rental agreement but only the main driver will be able to be the renter of a Tempest vehicle.

During pick-up of the Tempest vehicle a Passport or Identity Document will need to be presented to verify the personal details entered during booking. Also needed will be a valid Driver’s License. A surcharge will be added to the rental cost if the license has not been held for at least 2 years. For international renters, only an International Driving Permit will be accepted.


Tempest Car Rental

Tempest Car Rental


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