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SA Express

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SA ExpressSA Express is a South African based state owned airline. The airline began operations in 1994, just days before the first democratic elections in the country. Not to be confused with South African airways, SA Express operates independently but does schedule its flights through a strategic alliance with SAA. The SA Express head office is found at Airways Park next to the OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg.


SA Express Fleet

The SA Express fleet consists of several models of Bombardier aircraft. These are some of the most sophisticated aircraft in the world and are manufactured in Canada. With advanced design feature the aircrafts take passengers to a higher standard of passenger comfort in the air. The aircrafts are also pollution friendly and meet European standards when it comes to carbon emission and noise outputs.


SA Express Route

SA Express does not only operate in South Africa but has spread out to other Southern African countries as well. The following countries and cities forms part of their current route as of November 2015SA Express

  • Democratic Republic of Congo- Lubumbashi
  • Namibia- Walvis Bay and Windhoek
  • Botswana- Gaborone
  • Zambia- Lusaka
  • Zimbabwe- Harare
  • South Africa- Bloemfontein, Cape town, Durban, East London, George, Hoedspruit, Johannesburg, Kimberly, Nelspruit, Pietermaritzburg, Port Elizabeth, Richards Bay and Sun City


Booking SA Express Flights

SA Express flights can be found and booked immediately on their website. The flight booking engine is designed for ease of use for SA Express customers to click in their details and be provided with a listing of all flights that are available.

The website also allows SA Express customers to manage their flights. The following adjustments can be made to bookings

  • Change or cancel a booking
  • Updating of contact details
  • Request tax invoices
  • Upgrade
  • Select seatsSA Express
  • Request meals
  • Trace baggage


Check In and Boarding with SA Express

Passengers must be at the check-in desks a reasonable amount of time before their SA Express flight.  The other option would be for passengers to do a self-check-in at the airport. This facility is not available at all airports and passengers should check beforehand if they can use this method at their departing airport.  Self-check in is faster and SA Express passengers can be done in as little as 20 seconds. The steps at the self-service check-in kiosk for SA Express flights are

  • Start the check-in process by entering in the method of check-in i.e. by reservation number, voyager membership number, E-Ticket number or passport number
  • Enter in the number for the method selected
  • Select passengers you would like to check-in to a maximum of 9.
  • Confirm the details of the flight as seen on the screen
  • Seats are automatically assigned. At this point though, the passenger may change to another seat of their choice, pending availability
  • Finally, the boarding pass will be printed

Check-in for SA Express flights can also be done online or on a cell phone. Online check-in can be done on the SA Express website. You would only need the SA Express flight ticket and identification details of all the passenger you want to check-in online. You would first enter in your surname, booking reference number at the departure airport. Secondly you would enter in the number of passengers you would like to do an online check-in for. Thirdly you would select your seats. Seats are assigned by SA Express, however during check-in passengers may change their seating if they are not happy with the one assigned. Finally, boarding passes will be issued. These should be printed out and taken to the airport. Online check-in passengers can proceed directly to check-in. however if there is check-in luggage then it will first have to be dropped off at the SA Express baggage drop zone.SA Express

Identification is not needed during check-in but will need to be provided at boarding. All passengers as well as their carry-on luggage will be subject to a security check before boarding the SA express flight. Items classified as dangerous (ammunition, box cutters, scissors, tear gas, power drills, hammers etc.) are not allowed on SA Express flights

  • Domestic flights (that is flights within a southern African country) will close 15 minutes prior to the flight take-off.
  • Regional flights (that is flights between southern African countries) will close 20 minutes prior to the flight take-off.


SA Express Meals

Meals are provided on SA Express flights. For special dietary or religious meal requests, passengers must request an order during bookings and should be done before 48 hours of flight departure so that arrangements can be made for preparation. The following special meal types are accommodated for at SA Express

  • Kosher
  • Halaal
  • Moslem
  • Hindu
  • Low fat
  • Vegetarian

SA Express

SA Express Baggage

Baggage is classified into 2 categories on SA Express flights

  • Carryon baggage can be taken with the passenger onto the flight. It is one piece of hand luggage not weighing more than 7kg. An additional item can also be taken aboard. This can be items such as handbags, coats, umbrella or laptop.
  • Check-in baggage is stored in the cargo hold and will need to be given in during check-in or dropped off at the bag drop zone. Baggage exceeding the weight liits will be subject to penalty fees.


General Info on SA ExpressSA Express

Indwe is the in-flight reading material provided free of charge to all SA Express passengers. Content consists of articles on business, travel, culture, lifestyle, sports and motoring.

Voyager- SA Express passengers are allowed to make use of the voyager miles facility offered by SAA. Voyager miles are points that can be accrued every time a customer flies with SA Express. These miles can then be used to towards getting a free flight ticket or as part payment towards a flight ticket. The miles can also be used at partnership companies for example towards car rentals, hotel rooms and health spas.

Guide dogs- service dogs are the only pets allowed in the SA Express cabin area. Service dogs travel free of charge on SA Express flights. Pets are allowed on SA Express flights but will be transported in the cargo hold of the plane.


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