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Safair flight bookings

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safair flight bookings

Safair flight bookings are stress-free and convenient

  • Safair flight bookings can be done online
  • Book a flight at the airport ticket counter or call center
  • You are now able to check in online

Safair is an aviation company with offices at O.R. Tambo International Airport. They have been in the aviation business for over 40 years enabling other airlines and operators to successfully navigate their fleet among other things. They can proudly proclaim that they are Africa’s leading aviation operator.In 2013, Safair launched a new low-cost carrier called FlySafair and its first flight occurred in October 2014. The routes they currently service are the Cape Town to Johannesburg, Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and George. The new routes that they have just introduced include Johannesburg to George and Port Elizabeth. Unfortunately, other routes are not available at this point but will be available in future.

There are many Safair flight bookings options available

safair flight bookingsWith Safair flight bookings you have a choice of booking online which is highly recommended or making use of their call centre or at ticket counters at the 3 airports they service. But do note that Safair flight bookings confirmed through their call center or airport ticket are charged a small service fee. Ideally Safair flight bookings should be done online to avoid the service charge. It is also more convenient as you just input the travel information and take it from there. There is no need to do an extensive search or ask anybody questions. When your Safair flight bookings are done online you have instant access to a vast selection of flights and their departure times. You are able to get a quote and you are more in control with regards to the cost of your holiday, business trip etc. The cost picture could not be any clearer. The full price is also displayed, there are no secret charges. So what you see on your screen is what you will pay. The same cannot be said with travel agencies. Safair flight bookings are much more convenient when you do them online. You can access their website from any location that has internet access and at any time of the day. You can search and book your flight at 2 am in the morning. Plus promotions are always displayed on the website so if you want to take advantage of a deal you can book during those times.

Another time saving initiative by Flysair is the checking in online. It is highly recommended. Checking in online saves you time ansafair flight bookingsd is hassle free. You can avoid the queue. This facility opens 24 hours before your departure and closes 4 hours prior to flight departure. After checking in online the only thing that is left is to drop off your bags by the bag drop-off zone about 40 minutes before your flight departure. But if you are unable to make use of this facility, you can also check in at the airport. Check in opens 2 hours before your flight departure and closes about 40 minutes before the flight departure. You need to bring along identification and for infants a certified copy of their birth certificate will do.








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