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Book your Safair flight to Cape Townsafair flights

  • Book an Safair flight and pile on the savings
  • Cape town is home to the art lover
  • Make your way to the local beaches


Make Cape Town your destination of choice with Safair flights

If wildlife is not your particular cup of tea then maybe art galleries are your thing. With Safair flights you are able to fly to local exhibitions hosted in Cape Town at a low fare.  South Africa has significantly contributed to world of art, both in a modern context and a historical one too. Cape Town is the fore front and home to the countries best artist. The art work produced is readily available at various art galleries and museums across Cape Town and its surroundings. The market for art is growing with the times. Because of the scenery and the whole Cape Town atmosphere, artists continue to be inspired by the Cape Town scenery and atmosphere and thus it is a great place to source terrific local art.

safair flightsMake your way to Cape Town with a Safair flights to experience an open studio. Open studios are becoming a norm for Cape Town artists. They want to share their work with fellow art lovers and are a great place to meet locals and internationals who are into the similar scene. Cape Town has ample world class galleries showcasing the best artist on our shore.  It doesn’t mean that just cause you are based in Johannesburg that you should miss any of these events. Instead book a Safair flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Flysafair low fare tickets help you avoid the pinch. Not only are Safair flights cheaper than its competitor but you are dealing with an Aviation company with over 40 years of experience. They have also been servicing other airlines while shipping freight to the other side of the world. Flying comes natural to Flysafair as breathing comes natural to us.

Make Port Elizabeth another destination of choice with Safair flights

Another route that Safair flights services is the Port Elizabeth area. While in PE make your way to the lovely Sardina Bay. Sardina bay is situated between Schoenmakerskop and Sea View. The famous beach also has picnic facilities and great for a morning or afternoon walk. Take your snorkling and scuba diving gear along with you, it is a great destination for such. Fishing is not permitted here because the area has been declared as a Marine reserve. The starting point of the 8 kilometer Sacramento Hiking trail is in Sardina Bay. This is a great spot for children too. Make sure you bring yoursafair flights whole family to enjoy a day out in the sun. Sardina Bay is popular because of the vast stretch of sand it offers and the relative quietness of the beach. A lot of Dog owners and horse lovers frequent this area. It is perfect for themselves and the animals tend to enjoy themselves too. Windy days are perfect for kite flying, imagine having the whole beach to yourself. Well this is common during such weather.

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