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Thrifty Car Hire Durban Airport

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Thrifty Car Hire Durban Airport

thrifty car hire durban airportAn easy going city in general, Durban is also pretty easily navigable if visitors would want to drive around on their own. Plenty of choices are strewn all across the city, though if you would be flying into Durban through the King Shaka International Airport, it would be most convenient to hire out a vehicle directly at this point. Dropping off the vehicle before the flight back home is also made all the more easier.


Thrifty Car Hire at Durban Airport

thrifty car hire durban airportThrifty Car Hire at Durban Airport is one of 3 choice branches for the rental company in Durban. The airport branch allows for immediate access to a vehicle straight upon landing in the city. There will be no need to make use of shuttles or taxis first, as the branch office for Thrifty Car Hire at Durban Airport is a short walk from the arrivals terminal. The King Shaka International Airport is a world class facility bringing in dozens of local and international flights on a daily basis. Thrifty Car Hire at Durban Airport is here to give all of these passengers access to a recent model vehicle at reasonable pricing. This is what the company has become known for and why they have grown at such an alarmingly fast rate.


A Selection of Vehicles at Thrifty Durban

With Thrifty Car Hire at Durban Airport, there is an ever changing selection of vehicle models. This is because they update their fleet to include the latest in vehicle offerings. The types of vehicles, however, remains similar.

  • If you would be looking for something on the cheaper end of things from Thrifty Car Hire Durban Airport then you would go with a hatchback model. Brands include VW and Hyundai among many others.¬†thrifty car hire durban
  • A vehicle with a bit more substance and features would be a sedan or SUV type. Brands include Mercedes and Nissan among others.
  • Spacing can be a major issue during travels which is where vans come in. With Thrifty Car Hire at Durban Airport there is the choice between a single or double version which simply means that either 2 or 5 people would be able to be seated in the front section respectively. Brands include Toyota and Nissan.
  • Finally we have the minibus type which is used to transport a larger group in just one vehicle. Ideal for delegations and conferences, brands here include VW and Toyota


Booking a Thrifty Vehicle in Durban

thrifty durbanCustomers to Thrifty Car Hire at Durban Airport would want to be in and out of the branch as fast as they can. Dealing with admin and rental jargon directly after a flight is the last thing on their mind. This is why it is advisable to tackle the majority of the booking before the flight. With the internet, this is an absolute possibility. Getting your Thrifty Car Hire at Durban Airport done in this manner will allow you to indeed spend very little time at the branch. In fact, all that would need to be done there would be the verification of information and the inspection of the rental vehicle before driving off. Going the online route also provides the advantage of being privy to a better selection of vehicles before they start getting reserved by other people. At high peak times such as Christmas or public holidays, all vehicles may even be booked out, leaving you to rely on shuttles or taxis. Reserving as far back as you can is a sure-fire way to ensure that there will be a vehicle waiting for you as soon as you would arrive in Durban. Telephonically, is also an option, but many people do find that it takes so much more time to be on the phone with a consultant?

Online, you would simply use a booking engine to get a vehicle listing. This can be done from home, work or anywhere in between. We have mentioned the vehicle selection that is available from Thrifty Car Hire at Durban Airport. The choice remains entirely up to the customer. The booking process through the internet can also be sped up. Usually, customers would choose their vehicle which is the second step in the process after searching for one. Then it comes time to enter in some mundane details relating to payment, contact and personal information. By signing up to the ThriftyMiles club, which is free of any charge, customers would be able to have all of these details on file which can effortlessly be pulled up during all future bookings. The only factor that would change with each hire would be the location, dates and vehicle type.

Booking your Thrifty Durban vehicle is just one end of the rental process. The next step would be picking up the vehicle. Here, you would give in some personal identification along with driving permit proof and credit card. A South African driving license will do for local renters. International visitors renting a vehicle from Thrifty Car Hire at Durban Airport can produce an International Driving Permit. Credit cards are the only means of payment accepted from Thrifty Car Hire Durban and other branches. Once all of this admin part has been approved, your rental vehicle will be brought out. Always ensure to inspect the vehicle for any faults and go as far as taking pictures as proof of any damage that was there prior to your rental.

thrifty car hire durban airportThe final aspect of the rental process with Thrifty Car Hire at Durban Airport would be the return of the hired vehicle. Thrifty will calculate the return time from the 24 hour cycle counted from the first day. This time must strictly be adhered to. Thrifty will need to ensure that they get sufficient time to clean and service the vehicle before the next customer arrives to pick it up as their rental vehicle. Another thing to note, is that Thrifty Car Hire at Durban Airport rents out their vehicles with a full tank of petrol/diesel. This must be returned as such or it will be charged to the credit card afterwards.

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