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Zimbali Car Rental

If you are seeing a blank page, please wait a few seconds till our booking engine loads…a href=””>Zimbali Car RentalThe Zimbali Coastal Resort has many options for accommodation. The private residences offer short or long term rentals in houses with seclusion, surrounded by nature. The hotels on the property offer first class rooms and in-hotel activities such as restaurants and spas. The rest of the estate offers many more amenities such as golfing, tennis, and nature hikes. Zimbali even has a shuttle service to take you to and from the airport or around the area. Mango flights are a great resource for traveling around South Africa cheaply, safely and quickly. Though for some, the freedom of their own vehicle is heavily needed. There is no car rentals in Zimbali itself, but car hire can be done at 2 very convenient and close locations. The first Zimbali car rental option is the King Shaka Airport and the second is Zimbali’s bordering town of Ballito.


Zimbali Car Rental at the King Shaka International Airport


It is good to do Zimbali car rental from here if you are coming into the city from out of town. There are several companies to choose from, which are situated just outside the Arrival’s Terminal. This way you get a car directly off the plane and go to the Zimbali Coastal Resort, and when your holiday or business stay is done, you can drop off your car and get straight onto the plane. The many choices include:Zimbali Car Rental


  • Avis – endeavors to bring you the most affordable rates among their entire fleet range.
  • Europcar – strives to deliver vehicles that are relevant to the local community they are based at.
  • First Car Rental – is a proudly South African company that has been in business now for over a decade and a half. They have a 3 step online system that allows prospective clients to book a car in less than a minute.
  • Dollar Thrifty – offers top quality and reliable vehicles to have a trouble free journey coupled with excellent sales service.
  • Hertz – is the only car rental brand to have branches on all six continents. Hertz is continually improving its car rental services for both holiday and business travelers.


Zimbali Car Rental in Ballito


Another Zimbali car rental option is Ballito. There is the big brand Avis and local independent car rental agencies to choose from. Ballito is only a few minutes away from Zimbali and the seaside town has medical, shopping and entertainment facilities. Doing Zimbali car rental here can be done by those who do not wish to go through rental procedures straight after getting off Mango flights at the airport. Zimbali does have shuttle services around the area and to the airport, which one could make use off to get to the resort and into Ballito where Zimbali car rental can be done at their leisure. Though not as wide a range of companies that is offered at King Shaka International Airport, Ballito does offer the same vehicle types and trimmings.


Vehicles and Extras offered at both Zimbali Car Rental OptionsZimbali Car Rental


  • Hatchbacks – are the cheapest option when renting out a car. Even without the cost advantages they need less petrol to run on and are easier to drive around than the bigger car options. They are ideal for a person visiting Zimbali on business, a couple on a romantic getaway or a small family on a seaside holiday. The area is not very large and most places are nearby so hatchbacks are an ideal Zimbali car rental choice. Mango flights are a good choice for a budget holiday to Ballito as their ticket prices are very low cost.
  • Sedans – are still an attractive choice to many. Even within Zimbali car rental companies, they have the widest choices to choose from. Zimbali offers the most in serenity and luxury, so getting a car to match the accommodation seems natural. Sedans at Zimbali car rental offer more features than hatchbacks and more space for extra people and luggage.
  • Vans – come with either a canopy or not at Zimbali car rental. It is a good option for those travelling with a lot of luggage or equipment needed for work.
  • 4x4s – are the perfect off road vehicle. Zimbali does offer tours to Game Reserves within driving distance, but if you would like to make a private road trip of it then this is the ideal vehicle. The ride will be comfortable even when travelling on gravel roads.
  • Coaches – most companies at Zimbali car rental offer coaches with drivers. It is ideal, to transport around a group of people without them getting separated while travelling. Planned group holidays are about having fun together and coaches offer that benefit, as well as having a designated driver.
  • Navigation Systems – are one of the best extras when hiring a car. If you have one you don’t have to worry about getting lost and running out of petrol and being stranded in a strange place. You can have options of which routes you would like to take to your destination. You are also able to fully concentrate on driving while listening to verbal instructions. Zimbali Car Rental
  • Baby seats – have been proven to keep babies and toddlers safer in the event of an accident than by being held in an adults arms. Besides, it is now illegal to not have a child in a baby seat while driving on South African roads. So rather keep your most precious cargo as safe as can be and hire out a baby seat. Baby seats must be requested in advance at most Zimbali car rental companies.
  • Bicycle racks – cycling around the Zimbali estate is a must do, if staying on the estate. It is safe, serene and scenic and a good way to explore the estate.
  • Paraplegic hand controls – are available at most zimbali car rental agencies. Hand controls are only available on certain vehicles and is essential to be requested in advance so the Zimbali car rental agency can have time to prepare the vehicle.


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