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Disabled Guest on Mango Airlines Flights

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Disabled Guest on Mango Airlines Flights

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Mango Airlines provides its services also for disabled guests thought the company do not have special staff that will be attending your special needs if you have some, so the company has a policy of nonobligatory medical clearance, though the passenger has to fill up the Medical Request Form to let Mango Airlines aware about your disabilities because of boarding measures.

Specific seats are developed to make it easier for your locomotion whether you are a disabled guest with paraplegia, quadriplegia, or disabilities by Polio. Either of these conditions have specif seats in the row 1 of the plane you are going to travel. Also, if you have any of these 3 disabilities, Mango Airlines requires you to travel with a able-bodied assistant. This guest is mandatory for the boarding and travel of disabled guest, they have to be fully capable to help you with your needs and older than 16 years. They should not be classified as a medically-compromised passenger.

Mentally disabled guests are only allowed on Mango Airlines flights if they are also accompanied by a able-bodied assistant and is required a medical certificate proving the passenger is suitable for the trip and poses no threat of any kind to the passengers. All the documents required for the transportation of the mentally disabled guest should be forwarded at least 48 hours before the boarding airlines

Other kinds of disabilities do not require able-bodied assistants, though if you are a vision impaired guest you can take with you an animal assistant. Guide dogs are allowed to travel in the cabin with the passenger, however they will only be able to board once they meet the criteria of Mango Airlines and government jurisdiction about the transportation of pets. The dog must be vaccinated, healthy and able to do the trip. If you don’t need a guide dog you are not obligated to travel with an animal assistant.

Hearing impaired guests do not need either to travel with an assistant of any kind.
Diabetic guests also have to fill up the Medical Request Form and they are only required to travel with an assistant if they have complications due to the diabetes. Mango Airlines is not able to provide special food for diabetic passengers, but you are welcomed to prepare your own food if you need to.

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