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Mango Airlines Wifi

mango airlines
A part of the always excelling services provided by Mango Airlines with very low costs, the Mango Airlines Wifi services are also a convenience for passengers who are flying with the company to connect to the internet without the need to use any kind of secondary devices or wired connections.

mango airlinesThe Wifi technologies provide a wave signal, so you only have to have your own portable device, like a smartphone, tablet, notebook or any other portable micro computer which is designed with a Wifi receptor or router. Once you are able to perform this kind of connection, receiving the signal, you can use your credentials as a Mango Airlines passenger to connect to the services and make use of the World Wide Web services.

Once you bought your ticket, your data will be used as a mean to create your own login. Your tickets number will the password and your user name will be your ID. Be sure to keep this data on safety with you.

You can make use of the Mango Airlines wifi service either inside the plane or in the area covered by the signal of the company in the airports where you are doing your connections. The so-called Wifi Hot spots will be available on several different locations around the airport, specially around the Mango check in stands.

mango airlines wifiFor you to make use of the Mango Airlines wifi services you have to, however, pick a up a plan of internet connection. Don’t worry, as anything provided by Mango, they are extremely cheap. Most mango flights won’t take longer than 3 hours, so the basic Mango Airlines wifi pack provides you exactly this amount of time for only 6 dollars (R 50,00). This is a price at least 200% more affordable than the ones charged by cyber coffees and other shops providing internet at the airports.

Mango Airlines Wifi Prices

If you travel quite often with Mango you can purchase other kinds of Mango Airlines wifi plans. There is also the 1 day pass, for 23 hours (R 65.00), the 1 week pass (R 90,00), and the 1 Month Super Travellers Pass (300 minutes) for R 250,00, which is only 22 dollars.

Once you are under the hot spots, you have to turn your Wifi signal on and look for the signal called G-Connect. This is Mango Airlines Wifi SSID providing the web access. Connect to it and following, open your browser and type in the log in informations requested to start using the internet.



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