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Fly Blue Crane

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Fly Blue CraneLaunched in September 2015, Fly Blue Crane Airlines is giving South Africans an added choice when booking flights. Customers can expect professional, yet personalized service on an airline that prides themselves on affordability and on time performance. If you haven’t already made the connection, the airline is named for the national bird of South Africa. All Fly Blue Crane flights are done on Embraer Regional Jets 145 (ERJ145). Each of the aircraft’s can seat 50 passengers in quiet cabins designed for a comfortable air travel experience.


Bookings for Fly Blue CraneFly Blue Crane

The easiest way to book Fly Blue Crane flights is through the booking engine on their website. Customers would simply have to enter in their departure and destination cities along with dates and number of passengers, to be provided with a listing of all available flights and seats.

  • There is also an option where customers can email in to make group bookings for 9 or more people where they would get a discounted rate.
  • An email must also be sent to notify Fly Blue Crane if special needs passengers that are booking tickets. These include pregnant women or people with illnesses to make sure they are able to fly without enduring further health risks. Customers with disabilities must also notify the airline during bookings to ensure that they will be adequately accommodated. Lastly, an unaccompanied minor service is provided by Fly Blue Crane for children above 5 years of age. Children above 12 years may fly alone on Blue Crane Airline.

Preferential seating may be requested during bookings but this will come at an added fee as determined by Blue Crane Airline.

Reservations for Fly Blue Crane flights can also be done by calling their call centre.

Fly Blue Crane flights can be paid for by

  • Credit card
  • Eft
  • At their airport offices

Payment cannot be done in instalments, and if reserved seats are not paid for fully, then it will be cancelled by Fly Blue Crane airline.

Bookings are only confirmed when they are recorded on the Fly Blue Crane reservation system. Customers will be notified of this confirmation either

  • Via email if booking was done online
  • Via a printed copy if done at the airport officeFly Blue Crane

The Fly Blue Crane website also allows for customers to amend their bookings. Customers would simply have to enter in their surname and booking confirmation number to retrieve their booking. This facility can be used to simply review their bookings. Changing a booking will come at an added fee but customers will be able to

  • Change the name or surname of the passenger
  • Change the dates of the flights
  • Change the flight routes
  • Buy extra baggage



Fly Blue Crane baggage policies

Free baggage is included in the price when you book Fly Blue Crane Airline tickets, however there are some guidelines to follow or passengers will end up paying a penalty fee.

  • Adults- Fly Blue Crane considers people over the age of 12 as adults.  Adults get 1 free check-in piece of luggage weighing up to 20kg. Hand luggage that can be carried onto the flight by the passenger include one bag weighing up to 7kg and an added piece of luggage which could either be a small handbag or a slim line laptop bag. From 24 hours before the flight takes off, customers may purchase baggage at a discounted rate.
  • Children- Blue Crane Airline considers those aged 2-11 as children. Children get 1 free piece of check-in luggage weighing up to 20kg plus a pram or car which must be collapsible. The last 2 items will not be taken into the cabin but will be stored in the cargo hold. Children can take carry-on luggage weighing up to 7kg onto the flight as well as a small personal bag. Here again, extra bags can be bought from 24 hours before a flight departs.
  • Infants- infants are babies aged 1 day to 24 months. Infants get one free piece of check-in luggage weighing 10kg and a pram or car seat that is collapsible. Infants are allowed 1 piece of hand baggage to be carried onto the flight weighing no more than 7kg. Additional baggage cannot be bought for infants.Blue Crane Airline



Fly Blue Crane Check In

Fly Blue Crane does offer an online check-in service which passengers may make use of. All that is required is the booking confirmation number and the passengers surname.

Check-in can also be done at the Fly Blue Crane check-in desk at the airport. Passengers must ensure that they are these desks in a timely manner to check in or they may be classified as a no show. It is advised to be at the desk at least 2 hours before the flight is due to take off. Each passenger will need to be physically present at the check-in counter and present the original forms of their Identity Documents, Driver’s License, Passport or Birth Certificate. Copies of documents will strictly not be allowed. Check-in baggage will then be processed after which the passenger will be assigned their seats on the flight. They will then be issued with their boarding pass.


Boarding Fly Blue Crane FlightsFly Blue Crane

Passengers will need to hand in their boarding pass where their identity will be confirmed and their hand luggage will go through security to confirm that there are no dangerous items being carried onto the plane.


General Info on Fly Blue Crane Airlines

Fly Blue Crane AirlineUnlike many other low cost airlines who do not provide an inflight menu as part of their ticket price, Fly Blue Crane Airline does. Light snacks and beverages can be ordered during the flight. The menu is known to change to offer a diverse range to passengers.

Fly Blue Crane does not allow transportation of pets on their aircraft at this stage

Fly Blue Crane flights are strictly a no smoke zone and this includes electronic or artificial forms of smoking

The status of all flights can be checked on the Fly Blue Crane website where they are updated regularly.

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