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Skywise Airline Flights

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Skywise Airline FlightsWho are Skywise Airlines?

Skywise Airline is a low cost domestic airline operating in South Africa. The airline is 100 percent black owned with several members of the Mandela family on board as part owners. They started commercial flights in March 2015 between Johannesburg and Cape Town with the intentions of opening up new routes very soon. The intention of Skywise is to provide South Africans with affordable air travel with red carpet treatment.


What does Skywise Airlines offer Passengers?

  • Skywise Airlines aims to provide top class service at budget prices to all of their passengers.
  • All pilots, cabin crew and ground staff are professional and friendly, trained to give passengers a safe and efficient flight.
  • Check-in baggage up to 20kg is included in the ticket price of Skywise Airline flightsSkywise Airline Flights
  • All passengers on Skywise Airline flights get a copy of SKYE which is the official magazine of the airline. The magazine, which is published monthly, can also be found in the premium lounges at the airports in which Skywise operates. Skywise customers will not have to miss an issue of the magazine if they will not be flying or be in the vicinity of a South African airport, because the magazine can also be read online.
  • Skywise Airline flights do not serve an inflight meal, however passengers can order off the snack and beverage menu. South African cities are very short in time when it comes to air travel so a full meal is not really a necessity. Passengers on Skywise Airline flights will however receive a complimentary cup of coffee.
  • All flight tickets with Skywise Airlines includes insurance which is provided free by the airline. The insurance serves to protect Skywise passengers with confirmed flight tickets that should the airline run into any trouble and not be able to provide their flight, that they will be reimbursed to an amount of R2500.


How to Book Skywise Airline Flights?

Skywise airline flights are done aboard Boeing 737 aircraft. Flight tickets can be purchased 3 ways.

Customers can go directly to the ticket sales office at airports in which Skywise operates flights.

Customers can also book Skywise Airline flights by phoning the Skywise call centre. Passengers with special needs will need to arrange services through this option.

The most convenient method of booking Skywise Airline flights though, is online. The booking engine found on the airlines website allows for Skywise customers to effortlessly book a flight whenever they want to. The step by step process allows for customers to first get a list of all available Skywise Airline flights from which they would choose one that best suits their needs. They would then enter in personal details and make payment. The final step would be confirming the flight.Skywise Airline Flights

The website also allows for customers to manage their bookings by entering in their surname and booking reference number.

Customers who will be traveling in a group of 10 or more people are welcome to contact email Skywise directly for group bookings

The Skywise car rental service is a partnership with Avis. Skywise customers are able to book an Avis car directly on the Skywise website. This means travellers will not have to visit multiple websites to organize all travel logistics for a trip. In addition, Skywise passengers booking vehicles from Avis car hire Durban or other branches on the Skywise website are privy to special rates. Skywise passengers booking Avis car hire Durban vehicles will have a choice from hatchbacks to minibuses.


How to Check into Skywise Airline Flights?

Check-in can be done at the Skywise check-in desk found at the departure terminal at the airport. The desks open 2 hours before a passengers flight will take off and will close 45 minutes before flight take off. Skywise advises their customers to ideally be at the check-in counter 90 minutes before their flight. Identification, in original form only will need to be shown, and the credit card if it was used as the payment method for the flight. All check-in luggage will be handed in at this point as well. A maximum of 2 bags which must weigh 20kg in total is allowed. Unless you have selected the pre seating option at booking then you would now be allocated a seat.

Before boarding Skywise Airline flights, customers will be required to pass through security. No items which can ultimately be used as a weapon will be allowed onto the plane. The Skywise passenger is allowed a carryon bag of no more than 7kg and a slim line laptop bag.Skywise Airline Flights


Added Passenger Services on Skywise Airline Flights

  • Wheelchair dependant passengers must book telephonically to arrange for any assistance that may be required from Skywise Airlines.
  • Children under 2 years of age do not need a separate seat booked for them. They can be seated on an adults lap. Only six babies will be allowed per flight so it is essential to book in advance. There is no extra allowance for luggage and all baby items will be included in the adult’s luggage limits. Children over 2 years must travel with an adult who takes responsibility for them. Skywise Airlines does provide an unaccompanied minor service. Both the cabin crew and ground staff make up the staff for this facility to ensure that the child is cared for on the flight and ground, and returned safely to a receiving adult. Note that there is an added fee for this service and there can only be 2 unaccompanied minors on a flight. Child rates apply to children 2 to 12 years and adult rates thereafter. Skywise Airline Flights
  • Pregnant women over 36 weeks into their pregnancy will not be allowed onto Skywise Airline flights for safety reasons. Pregnant women from 28 weeks until 35 weeks will be allowed onto Skywise Airline flights on condition that they provide a medical certificate when they are doing check-in. Women who are less than 28 weeks pregnant may fly without permission on Skywise Airline flights.
  • The Skywise Flight Pass is a one of a kind service offered by Skywise Airlines and is the first company in Africa to do so. The pass is purchasable monthly and allows for the holder to book an unlimited amount of flights for that month. The allure of the flight pass is that it is not a contract so customers can purchase it only if they know they would be doing a lot of flying in a certain month.




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