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Skywise FlightsSkywise Airlines

Skywise flights commenced in March 2015 with daily commercial flights between the cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg, one of the busiest routes in the world. This follows their launch a month prior. Further routes will open up in the near future with major cities around South Africa. Skywise Airlines is the only 100 percent black owned Airline Company in South Africa and includes members of the Mandela family as owners. With many low cost airlines already in the market in South Africa, Skywise hopes to bring to its customers, low prices with a red carpet treatment.


Booking Skywise Flights

There are 3 ways to book tickets for Skywise flights

The first would be to go directly to their ticket sales office at the airports from which they operate. This is usually located at the departures terminal

The second would be to book tickets telephonically by calling the trained consultants at the Skywise call centreSkywise Flights

The third option would be to book online through the flight engine located on the Skywise website. Customers will enter in their flight requirements and be presented with a list of flights that have unoccupied seats from which they could choose from for booking. Once satisfied with a Skywise flight, the customer can go ahead and select any additional items and give in personal details before paying for and confirming their flight.

Skywise Airlines is the first airline in Africa to offer unlimited flying services to their customers. A pass, which can be purchased monthly allows for the holder to book an unlimited amount of Skywise flights for the month purchased. It is not a contract and can be purchased only for the month that a person will be doing a lot of flying. The benefits of the pass include

  • A dedicated travel manager
  • Priority check-in
  • 25kg of free baggage
  • A free snack from the in-flight menu
  • Convenient booking through WhatsApp


Skywise Flights

Before boarding Skywise flights passengers will need to check-in. The Skywise check-in desk opens 2 hours before flight departure and closes 45 minutes before flight departure. Check-in requires the code that was given during the booking and a proof of identification. This includes

  • Identity DocumentSkywise Flights
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport or Temporary Passport

No photocopied of certified documents will be accepted.

The credit card will be requested as well if it was used as method of payment.

If a passenger has any luggage to be checked onto Skywise flights then it would also be done now. Check-in luggage is limited to 2 bags which must equal to 20kg. Luggage is included in the Skywise ticket price. Going over the 20kg limit will incur a penalty cost.

Passengers would then select their seat. To get a seat at a specific part of the plane it would be best to check-in as early as possible. To make sure of getting a prime seat, Skywise customers can choose the pre seating option during bookings. This comes at an added fee but passengers will be guaranteed of the seat that they choose and would not have to wait until check-in to secure it.

The next step to boarding Skywise flights would be to go through security with all carry-on luggage. The hand luggage must not exceed 7kg and must be able to fit into the overhead compartment in the cabin. Passengers are also allowed a slim line laptop bag to be carried on board the flight, in addition to the carryon bag.


Special Needs Passengers on Skywise Flights

Young passengers- children under 2 years travel free on Skywise flights provided they sit on an adults lap. An adult can only be responsible for one child. As per regulations there can only be 6 children in this age group on a Skywise flight. Children 2 to 12 years must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them. On Skywise flights, there is the option of booking the unaccompanied minor service which can be done through the Skywise call centre for an added fee. Unaccompanied minors will be taken care off by cabin crew on the plane, and ground staff between the terminal buildings. At the destination they will be handed over to the adult collecting them.Skywise Flights

Pregnant women- Skywise Airlines allows women up to 28 weeks pregnant to fly without permission. However from 28 to 35 weeks pregnant women will need to provide a medical certificate when checking in. This is done for safety concerns. For this reason women over 36 weeks into their pregnancy will not be allowed onto Skywise flights.

Wheelchair dependent passengers- bookings for wheelchair dependent passengers who will require special assistance must be made through the call centre. Skywise will arrange for wheelchairs for the terminal area and to the plane and assist with any other arrangements needed.


General Information on Skywise FlightsSkywise Flights

  • Skywise has partnered up with Avis Rent a Car. With this partnership, customers booking Skywise flights on the Skywise website, can also book their rental vehicle from Avis at the same time. Skywise Passengers booking vehicles on the Skywise website will get special rates on their vehicles at Avis car hire Durban branches as well as other Avis branches. Avis car hire Durban can conveniently be taken care of at the King Shaka International Airport.
  • Skywise flights does not offer a meal on board their flights. Customers can however buy snacks and beverages from a menu should they feel peckish during the short flights between South African cities. Passengers do get a free tea or coffee during Skywise flights.
  • The Skywise magazine SKYE provides the inflight entertainment for passengers with articles on lifestyle, culture, travel and technology. Hard copies of the magazine can also be found in airport lounges from which Skywise operates. The magazine can also be viewed online.
  • Due to many new low cost airlines in South Africa folding over very quickly, Skywise offers its passengers insurance, which is included free of charge on all tickets. This insures passengers with confirmed tickets of claiming their money back(to a max of R2500) should Skywise cease operations.



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