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Mango Airlines Hiring Huge: Mammoth Recruiting says Company

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Mango Airlines Hiring Huge: Mammoth Recruiting says Company

Mango airlinesSince its launch in the market, Mango Airlines has been one of the most referential and solid airline companies in South Africa, specially considering the enterprise works as a low-budget airlines services. Their success is constantly taking flight and so shows their new recruiting of several new employees for the IT department. Tough the company is about to release further and detailed information about the recruiting in the next weeks, Mango Airlines spokesperson Hein Kaiser said the company is looking for professionals in the area skilled on Windows, .Net, C++ and Linux platforms.

Mango Airlines is a referential company when it comes to IT solutions for their services. In the last years they have achieved many pioneering developments, like the MARS, their own internal IT resources system for reservations, something once shared with the South African Airwways from whose network Mango Airlines is part of. The company is also the first South African company to create a specific app for smartphones and tablets allowing customers to make online booking through their portable devices, as well as Mango Airlines is still the first company in the world to provide inboard Wifi internet services for astonishing low prices.

Mango Airlines new recruitment phase is one more step on their initiative to improve their services with high-tech resources and pioneering solutions. Though their hiring policy is not looking for success at any costs and the company is prioriziting South African professionals in the are to value the internal market and workforce on IT. The company will soon start their selection phases focusing on recruiting only local talents.

Mango airlinesThe IT programme of talents developed by Mango Airlines are also remarkable. The company has been developing hiring programmes focusing specifically on trainees. Scouting and hiring new talents to work on their internship program brought Mango Airlines many new workers that will specialize and master their skills whilst they are developing new and refreshing solutions for the company.

Mango Airlines really wants to invest heavy resources on their professional qualification in the IT field and new innovative developments are expected to follow this trend of prioritization. Information on salary, career planning and the number of new employees Mango Airlines is looking for to hire will be released in the next months.


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