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Mango Airlines Prices and services

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Mango Airlines Prices and services

Much of the great of success of Mango Airlines is due to their affordable prices that are not pair with any competitors. Though they are able to offer these special prices because of their reduced number of connections, the company is mostly interested in offering outstanding services for the price they offer and have their clients completely satisfied.

Many on board services are also extremely cheap not to mention some exclusive services provided by Mango Airlines no other air travel company in the whole world offers, like the payment of booking flights with store cards. Passengers who are Edgards and Jet stores clients can make use of their cards to pay for the tickets whether they are doing the purchase online or via call centre.

Besides the store card options you have a wide range of payment options available so is really not mandatory to stick to your credit card if you have other ways to do your airlines prices

Another exclusive service provided by Mango Airlines is their Wifi internet connection available on board. Mango is the only company in the whole world that provides passengers a wireless internet connection service during the flights. And the prices for the access are nonetheless outstanding. There are several internet pack services you can purchase, and the cheapest one costs around 6 dollars for a 3 hours Internet access in flight. You can even buy monthly packages by 22 dollars and have Internet access during this whole period not only inside the plane but wherever you can find a Mango Airlines hot spot on airports.

The company also is a pioneer on booking sales through portable devices. Mango Airlines was the first company in South Africa to develop their own app for mobiles allowing customers to do their purchases through their smartphones and tablets. They also are the only company to sell their flights like conventional goods through the grocer Shoprite checkers.

Mango Airlines Benefits

Not only affordable prices and innovative services are the motto of Mango Airlines as well as their exclusive services for customers who are looking for more freedom when traveling. The company offers two special flight packs, the Mango PLUS and Mango FLEX, each one with quite special services. Buyers of either of these packs are allowed to change flights without penalty or extra fees. PLUS passengers can have exclusive access to the Lounge area of Mango Airlines at airports, check in up to extra 10kg of luggage, a 15% discount on parking tickets and free refreshments on board of the flight with an extra R50 fee (only 4 dollars!)

Important to mention that, despite you are buying a special flight pack or not, Mango Airlines has been renowned as a reference about on time arrivals. They keep their schedules as neat as possible and have been the most punctual air travel company in South Africa during the last six years.

Mango Airlines Awards and Accolades

With their bold profile, is not a surprise Mango Airlines has been collecting several awards throughout the years since its launch. The company was the winner of the ACSA Feather Awards since 2006 as the best aircraft company. In 2014 the company won 4 PRISM Awards, including a popular vote category where the company was picked as the best by young travelers. The Sunday Times Top Brands Awards picked Mango Airlines as the best brand of the year, competing with many other companies of different markets. Nonetheless, Mango Airlines is an South-African’s sweetheart.

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