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Self-catering accommodation in Durban

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Self-catering accommodation in Durban

Self-catering accommodation in Durban Self-catering accommodation in Durban is plentiful. A self-catering holiday is basically just accommodation where guests have a private dwelling for themselves where all needs are taken care of by themselves. This is especially in regard to cooking their own meals. Self-catering in Durban is great for visitors who want a home away from home when visiting the city.


Venues that offer self-catering accommodation in Durban

  • Cottages
  • Chalets
  • Luxury villas
  • Apartments- the lock up and go aspect delivered here is very appealing to many during a holiday who don’t require staff to do their cleaning, or all of the facilities provided by hotels.
  • Apartment hotels- is a growing trend for holidaymakers who want the benefits of hotel services but with a bit more privacy.
  • Private houses- Durban has many gated estates and homeowners here regularly let out their houses as accommodation. Booking out a house on an estate for self-catering accommodation in Durban, is safe because they make security a very high priority and secondly houses here are generally built and decorated according to the latest design trends.


Why stay in self-catering accommodation in Durban?

Self-catering accommodation in Durban is generally cheaper than booking out a hotel. With self-catering you normally just pay the cost of booking out the place upfront and that’s it, unless you cause damage to the property and need to pay an added sum. On the other hand, staying in hotels can bring about added costs to the booking fee. Room service, minibars, staff tipping can all add up. When using self-catering accommodation in Durban during holidays, this can be avoided. Also when travelling with a group of people, self-catering accommodation in Durban is charged Self-catering accommodation in Durban for the group, for the time period required and not per person per night which tends to be costlier. Privacy is another issue for many people to use self-catering accommodation in Durban. Not many people like the controlled structure of hotels, staff always around or the cramped style of rooms so close to each other. By doing a self-catering holiday this won’t be a problem. Self-catering accommodation in Durban allows for guests to rent out a place for a period of time and live like they would in the freedom their own homes. The major pull for people booking self-catering accommodation is that they get to cook their own meals and not rely on room service, take outs or going to a restaurant. Many people do not like eating out and prefer a home cooked meal which makes self catering a top choice for them. Self-catering places are fully furnished with home comforts or the very least with items to make for a homely stay. Gardens and pool areas in self-catering places tend to be a bit more peaceful and secluded making lounging around even more relaxing.


General facilities at self-catering places in Durban

  • Swimming pools
  • Satellite, television, Wi-Fi for entertainment
  • Braai area- braais are a South African staple and it’s not just about the food but the atmosphere that is generated when a braai is held. Braai’s are not an option when staying in hotels unless guests know people in the area and are invited over. Self-catering accommodation in Durban allows guests to partake in this pastime whenever they feel like and not be left out just because they are on holiday.Self-catering accommodation in Durban
  • Laundry- some self-catering places provide laundry services upon request. Some self-catering places even come with a washing machine to take care of laundry yourself leading to a more self sufficient stay.
  • Kitchen- mainly contains cutlery, dishware, kettle, toaster, microwave, stove, fridge, and freezer. In general all of the basic items to handle all of the cooking needs of guests.
  • Dining area
  • Air-conditioning or ceiling fans- owners of self-catering accommodation in Durban know that visitors to the city don’t cope well with the humidity so air-cons/ceiling fans can be found in many places.
  • Towels and linen
  • Parking on site


Transport when visiting Durban

There are many options when it comes to travelling around in Durban. Self-catering accommodation in Durban venues may have services where they have a shuttle service to fetch and drop off their guests at the airport or bus terminal. During their stay in Durban guests can make use of buses, taxis, trains, or car hire. Car rental is the popular route for many because of the usefulness of having their own vehicle. It kind of compliments each other, a hired car and house. As with the many choices of self-catering accommodation in Durban, there are with vehicles also. Guests to Durban have a choice of hiring out hatchback cars, sedans, SUV’s, 4x4s, sport cars or people carrier vehicles. A group booking into self-catering accommodation Durban venue should ideally look at the possibility of the people carrier vehicles so that the group can travel together and have plenty of space for everyone’s luggage.

Travelling to Durban can be done by plane or bus. The bus route is cheaper but much longer so flying is most peoples preferred method. Flights into Durban can be done from all of the major cities around the country by many airlines. One of the country’s most popular airlines is Mango. They are well in demand because

  • Mango Airlines tickets can be paid by credit cards, SAA Voyager Miles, Edcon Thank U account cards, Cell Pay Point, Mango Vouchers, Shoprite and Checkers stores, SID internet banking,
  • Mango Airlines provide on board Wi-Fi during their flights
  • Mango Airlines check-in process can be done online or at the airport through the check-in counters or kiosks.


About DurbanSelf-catering accommodation in Durban

The coastal city of Durban is a favoured holiday destination in South Africa because it remains warm all year. It’s a common sight to see surfers in the waves even in the middle of winter. Along with the many Game Reserves and natural tourist sites in Durban, recent years have seen many commercial attractions developed such as the Moses Mabhida Stadium, Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World and the uShaka Marine World. Durban has also seen an influx of restaurants with cuisine inspired by local favourites and global trends. These are just some of the elements that are making Durban not just a city to visit in South Africa, but the world.


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