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Skywise Bookings

[wbcr_php_snippet id=”4203″]Skywise BookingsSkywise Airlines, launched March 2015, is setting a benchmark for low cost flights in South Africa. The airline aims to not operate like many other low cost carriers by providing only the bare basics on a flight but to instead pull out the red carpet and give their customers access to effortless bookings, fast check-ins, free baggage and timeous flights with a friendly crew.


How to make Skywise Bookings for Flights

Skywise bookings for flights can be done one of 3 ways.

  • Going directly to their ticket sales office at the airport and have one of their staff do the booking for you. Once confirmed, you will get the booking confirmation number which will be given during check-in or to be used if you would want to amend your booking.
  • If you do not want to travel all the way to the airport to book a ticket but would still like some assistance in making Skywise bookings then calling their call centre is the way to go.
  • Skywise bookings can also be done online. This is through the booking engine found on the home page of the Skywise website. The booking engine is pretty easy to make use of and bookings can be done in a matter of minutes with confirmation being sent by email.

The Skywise bookings online process is a 6 step process as follows. Skywise bookings at the ticket sales office and through the call centre are pretty much the same but the consultants would be the ones who would be making the booking.

  • The first step for Skywise bookings is to search for all available flights for your date and destination requests with the number of people you would like to book seats for.
  • The second step would be choosing a flight from the listings that are brought up. This should be chosen according to the best time of the day you would like to travel. Of course this depends if there are seats left on that particular flightSkywise Bookings
  • The third step for Skywise bookings would be enter in personal details so that the booking information can correlate with the proof of identity during check-in. Contact details will also have to be given in, in case Skywise Airlines needs to contact passengers. At this stage customers can choose whether they would like to add domestic flight insurance or a charitable donation. Skywise Airlines remains committed to many charitable organizations as part of their drive to incorporate social responsibility into their company
  • The fourth step in Skywise bookings allows for the customer to pre book a seat. Usually seats are assigned during check-in but if customers prefer a seat at a certain part of the cabin then this option can be taken care of now. Pre seating does come at an added fee.
  • The fifth step in Skywise bookings is paying for the flight. Payments can be done with credits cards, by EFT or through SID(the online payment option)
  • Once the payment goes through, the Skywise booking is considered confirmed. Customers will be given a booking reference number to be used during check-in or to make changes to the booking


Further Info on Skywise Bookings

Skywise BookingsSkywise Airlines operates a ticketless systems. This simply means that only the unique booking reference number will be needed to be given in at check-in. For changing flights the number as well as surname will be required

The booking can only be confirmed when the payment goes through. For EFT payments this could take a while and this means that the booking will only be confirmed when the amount is in the Skywise banking account.

Any Skywise bookings that are made within 24 hours of flight departure must be paid within an hour of the booking or it will be cancelled. An EFT will therefore not be a good option in this case.


Skywise Bookings for Car Rentals

Bookings for car rentals can also be done on the Skywise website. Passengers who book Skywise flights and car rentals get a reduced rate on their car rental. All car rentals on the Skywise site are done through a partner programme with Avis Car Hire. Avis has branches throughout the country which include cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg and car hire Durban. The Avis car hire Durban and all of the other branches cater a variety of cars for all Skywise passengers from hatchbacks and sedans to people carriers and off road vehicles.

Skywise Bookings

What does Skywise Bookings Come With?

  • Inflight reading material is included in Skywise tickets. The Skywise signature magazine SKYE is given free to all passengers. The once monthly published magazine provides entertainment for the entire family during the flight on topics from lifestyle, technology, culture and traveling.
  • Skywise passengers can look forward to a cup of coffee during the flight. Added snack or beverage items are for sale on board and can be chosen from the Skywise inflight menu.
  • With Skywise bookings, customers can look forward to free insurance. The insurance covers the price of the Skywise confirmed ticket (to a cost of R2500) should Skywise Airlines go out of business.Skywise Bookings
  • All Vat and airport levies are included in Skywise tickets so it would not have to be paid for separately
  • Baggage to a limit is included in Skywise tickets. Skywise passengers may take 1 piece of luggage onto the flight with them which must not weigh more than 7kg. Skywise passengers can also check in 1 or 2 items of luggage which must not exceed 20kg.


The Skywise Flight Pass

The flight pass offered by Skywise is a first for Africa. The customer can purchase the pass on a monthly basis, as needed, there are no contracts involved. For the month that the pass is purchased, the holder can make an unlimited amount of flights for themselves only.  It is an ideal purchase for those who do a lot of travel by air to get fantastic savings and keep on a budget. Other benefits of the pass include

  • Access to a personal travel manager
  • Priority check-in
  • An added 5 kg of check-in baggage
  • A free snack to go with the free coffee that is given to all passengers
  • Easy Skywise bookings through WhatsApp


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