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[wbcr_php_snippet id=”4203″]Skywise South AfricaSkywise is one of the newest airline choices South Africans can take advantage of for air travel. Low cost air travel is in high demand in the country and Skywise South Africa hopes to provide some competitive prices to customers and offer more variety when it comes to choosing an airline to fly with. What sets Skywise South Africa apart from the rest of the low cost airlines already available, is the coupling of their low cost prices with their signature red carpet treatment.


Booking Flights on Skywise South Africa

Skywise South Africa allows for their flights to be booked 3 ways. These areSkywise South Africa

  • Telephonically- to call their call centre where consultants will book the flight on your behalf and send through the booking confirmation number.
  • Sales office- going directly to the Skywise South Africa ticket sales office found in airports on the Skywise route. This is the same premise as phoning in but the staff will help you in person
  • Online- doing the booking by yourself. Bookings can be done directly on the Skywise South Africa website. By using the search engine found on the home page, customers can find available flights for their needs by narrowing down choices such as location, dates and number of travellers. Once a flight is chosen the booking can be done immediately by giving in contact/personal details and making payment.

Payment for Skywise South Africa flights can be done through an EFT, through SID or with credit cards. If payment is made with a credit card then it will have to be presented during check-in for verification.

  • The Skywise South Africa website also has a search engine to locate and book car rental vehicles. All vehicles are from Avis Car Hire. Customers who book flights and car rentals with Skywise Skywise South Africaget a reduced rate on their Avis rented vehicle. Avis vehicles can be rented countrywide in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, George and Avis car hire Durban. The Avis car hire Durban and other branches have vehicles to meet all travel needs from budget to luxury. As one of the biggest car rental companies worldwide, their customers also gain access to their rewards programme. Regular customers can join this club free of charge where benefits include a free day of hire and upgrades on vehicles.
  • Bookings for regular fliers can be made super easy when the Skywise flight pass is purchased. The pass can be purchased for those months when customers would be doing a fair amount of flying. For the month that the pas is bought, the holder can book an unlimited number of flights. While this is a great way to stay on budget and get a whole lot of miles racked up, there are also major advantages to the pass. The holder has access to faster booking through the personal travel manager or the WhatsApp service found on cell phones. The holder also receives priority service, added free baggage, priority check-in and a free item off the on board menu.


Skywise South AfricaFree baggage on Skywise South Africa flights

Baggage is free on Skywise flights, to a limit, though Skywise South Africa have been very liberal with this limit. Passengers can check-in 1 or 2 bags which must be 20kg in total. Passengers also get to take a small bag with them onto the plane which can weight up to 7kg.


Check into Skywise South Africa Flights

The Skywise South Africa check-in desk at the airport will open 2 hours before your flight is due to depart and will close 45 minutes prior. At check-in, passengers will need to give in their booking Skywise South Africaconfirmation number and proof of identification. Once the check-in staff confirms that the booking number corresponds with information on the system and that the proof of identity is legit, the check-in process can continue. Check-in bags will be weighed and sent to the cargo hold of the plane. Then seats are allocated. Seats can be pre booked if the passenger prefers seats at the front, back, window or aisle. The boarding pass is then issued to passengers. This is to be handed in before boarding the plane.


Passengers with special needs on Skywise South Africa flights

  • Babies- babies under 2 years of age can be seated on an adults lap during Skywise South Africa¬†flights. There is no payment required for babies but they must be booked for a flight. This is because of safety standards that Skywise has to follow which says that no more than 6 babies may be on a commercial flight.
  • Children- are kids from 2 to 12 years. They must be accompanied by an adult unless booked into the unaccompanied minor service. This service does come with a fee. These kids will be under the care of Skywise South Africa crew and ground staff who will watch over them until they are handed over to the adult who will be collecting them at the destination airport.
  • Pregnant women- for safety and health reasons, women over 36 weeks pregnant will not be allowed onto Skywise South Africa flights. Women from 28 to 35 weeks pregnant may fly on Skywise South Africa but will have to have a doctors consent to do so and will have to provide written proof of this to Skywise Airlines. Women under 26 weeks pregnant can fly on Skywise South Africa without needing authorization.
  • Passengers with disabilities will need to contact Skywise South Africa to arrange for any assistance that will be needed.


Skywise South Africa- General Information

  • Skywise South Africa provides a free cup of coffee to all passengers. Any further snacks or beverages will have to be purchased from the on board menu.
  • Skywise South Africa also provides reading material to all their passengers. A free copy of the Skywise trademark magazine SKYE, is given on every flight to all passengers. The monthly published magazine can also be found in airport lounges or read electronically.
  • Skywise South Africa provides free insurance in their flight tickets. If Skywise ceases operations, then passengers with confirmed tickets will be insured to receive a reimbursement(up to R2500) of their ticket. Its purpose is to serve as peace of mind for customers booking flights on a relatively new airline.
  • Boeing 737 aircraft make up the Skywise South Africa fleetSkywise South Africa


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