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[wbcr_php_snippet id=”4203″]>Fly SkywiseSkywise Airlines took to South African skies in early 2015. Their launch flight saw many kids from a local charitable foundation flying for the first time in their lives. The airline is just as much dedicated to social responsibility as they are with providing safe, reliable and cheap flights. As a new airline, the Skywise route is limited, but more South African cities are expected to become a part of the Fly Skywise family very soon.


About Fly Skywise

  • Fly Skywise is a new airline. New airlines do not have the best track record for staying power. Most fade under the hectic schedules, weak management and failure to plan for contingencies. Fly SkywiseFly Skywise assures all prospective customers that they take this issue very seriously. With full confidence in their services, Fly Skywise offers free insurance on all of their flight tickets. This insurance will cover the cost of the Fly Skywise tickets to an amount of R2500, should the airline cease to operate.
  • As is the norm with many low cost airlines, Fly Skywise does not include the cost of a meal in their tickets. The airline operates in South Africa where air travel between cities is very short. A free cup of coffee is offered to passengers on Fly Skywise. The airline does also provide an on board menu with a selection of snack and beverage choices. These can be purchased if passengers are feeling a bit peckish during the flight.
  • Fly Skywise offers a copy of their monthly magazine, SKYE, to all passengers. This is free and has topics ranging from technology, lifestyle, fashion, travel etc. to entertain a wide demographic range.


Fly Skywise Bookings

Fly Skywise tickets may be booked 3 ways. This is telephonically, online or at their ticket sales offices. The Skywise ticket office can be found at airports in which Fly Skywise operates flights. The call centre can be used to book tickets without even leaving your house. Both of these options have friendly and trained staff to help locate the perfect flights, process the booking and give you the booking confirmation number. If you do not have to be walked through the process of booking Fly Skywise tickets then the third option is perfect for you. The online booking process is done directly on the Skywise Airline website through a booking engine. This does all the work of finding any available flights for your date and destination requirements. You would then select from the choices that are presented and finalize the booking. This is just entering in your personal and contact details and doing payment. Payment can be done with credit cards, online via SID or with an EFT. When the booking is done, you would be emailed with the booking confirmation. Here you will find the unique number to be used during check-in or if you would want to make changes to the booking that has just been made. Fly Skywise

Fly Skywise caters a specific facility for their customers who engage in a lot of air travel. This is in the form of their flight pass. The pass can be bought on the first day of the month that it will be used. For that month the holder of the pass will be able to book an unlimited amount of flights on Skywise Airlines. The pass ensures that travellers do not overspend on their travel budget and have access to an easier booking process by way of booking through the WhatsApp facility on cell phones or the personal travel manager. In addition holders of the pass will also receive added check-in baggage weight and a free item from the on board menu

The Skywise website can also be used to book for rental cars. The Avis partnership allows for their vehicles to be rented directly from the Skywise website. Other than using only one website to organize flights and ground transportation, Skywise customers who book Avis vehicles and Skywise flights are eligible for reduced rates on the rental car. Avis has a presence throughout the country at car hire Durban, Cape Town, East London and Johannesburg branches. The Avis car hire Durban branch as well as all other South African Avis branches cater for all car rental needs from hatchbacks to people carriers and 4x4s to the latest luxury sport cars. Skywise passengers can supplement their cheap flights with discounted car rental rates with Avis.


Fly Skywise Check-in and Boarding Fly Skywise

The Skywise check-in desks at the airport opens up 2 hours prior to departures of flights and closes 45 minutes prior. Passengers are advised to be at the airport 90 minutes in advance so that there is plenty of time available if there are any problems. Passengers will have to give in their booking confirmation number and proof of identity. No copies of documents will be allowed. Identity Documents, Driver’s License and Passports all qualify as proof of identity. If you have paid for the flight with a credit card then it will also need to be presented to for verification purposes. The check in baggage is processed at this point, as is seat allocation unless the Fly Skywise pre seating option was used.

Before boarding Skywise flights passengers will have to pass through security with their carryon baggage. It is advised to not have any items that could be used as a weapon on the flight. These include cutlery, syringes, knives or guns.


Fly Skywise Baggage

There is a fair amount of luggage that is included in the Skywise tickets.

Fly SkywiseFly Skywise passengers may take a bag weighing up to 7kg with them onto the flight. Space is provided in compartments above the seating area for storing these bags. These compartments are limited in size so only smaller bags will be allowed. If the bag does not meet the specifications in terms of weight and size then the passenger will have to return to the check-in desk to send the bag through as check-in luggage.

Fly Skywise also allows for a maximum of 2 bags weighing 20kg in total to all passengers. The limited space in the cabin permits these bags from being taken aboard with the passenger. Therefore these bags are sent to be stored in the cargo hold of the plane. The bags are sent through check-in so that they may be loaded onto the plane before passenger’s board and also to have the passenger’s flight and contact details attached.


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