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Skywise Specials

[wbcr_php_snippet id=”4203″]Skywise SpecialsEarly 2015 saw the introduction of a new low cost airline that took to South African skies. Skywise brings into the mix, added competition to the current lot of low cost airlines. Demand is ever growing for air travel in South Africa with a major emphasis on affordable flights. Skywise Airlines also places prominence on rolling out the red carpet for their passengers. It’s already proven a success with people clamouring for the incredible specials offered by Skywise Airlines.


 Skywise Specials

Skywise Airlines regularly run specials on their flight routes. These Skywise specials are announced on their website with full route and cost information. Customers can also follow the airline on social media or sign up for their newsletter to be instantly updated of any upcoming Skywise specials. Being instantly notified of the cheap pricing that comes with Skywise specials, customers can book very early on to secure a seat. The Skywise specials are very competitively priced so they do sell out very fast.

The ongoing special run by Skywise Airlines is their flight pass. The flight pass is first and foremost not a contract and can be bought only when needed. The pass is purchased monthly by people who do air travel quite a bit. For the month that the pass is bought, the holder can book as many Skywise flights as he/she wants. Flights booked through the pass are not transferable and can only be used for the holder. Skywise Airlines is the first airline in Africa to offer this kind of service to air travellers. It is one of the best Skywise specials to take advantage offSkywise Specials

Skywise specials are not just for flights. Through a partnership programme with Avis Car Hire, Skywise passengers also get special rates on Avis vehicles. These special rates are only applicable when booking flights and Avis cars on the Skywise website. The Skywise website has a full booking engine to search for all available cars. Skywise passengers can find a range of vehicles to meet all travel requirements at Avis car hire Durban and other city branches. Branches are located around the country in city centres and small towns. All car hire Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg can be taken care off with them. The Avis vehicle range consists of economical, luxury, off road and people carriers. Along with the vehicle, Skywise passengers can rent out navigation systems, bicycle racks, baby seats and paraplegic hand controls. Car rental bookings can also be amended on the Skywise site. Avis is available 24 hours a day should renters run into any trouble with their vehicles.


Baggage on Skywise Airlines

Skywise SpecialsWith the incredible affordability of Skywise specials you wouldn’t think that they would include baggage in the price of the ticket but Skywise is quite generous with this factor.

  • Passengers on Skywise flights can carry on a small piece of luggage which does not exceed 7kg, with them onto the plane. It is essential that the bag fit into the compartment in the overhead section.
  • Skywise passengers also get free check-in luggage. The limit is 20kg here and can be either 1 or 2 bags as long as they both equal 20 kg.


Booking Skywise Specials

So if you come across any of the amazing Skywise specials through the media or hearing about it from a friend and would want to book a ticket then there are 3 ways to go about this

  • You can go to the Skywise ticket sales office at the airport and purchase a ticket for Skywise specials there.
  • For a more convenient route you can call into their call centre to book the Skywise specials you have come across. Telephonically is also the only option for arranging extra requests such as confirming special needs passengers on the flight.
  • Lastly, Skywise specials can also be booked online. There is a booking engine located on the home page of the Skywise website. Unlike the other 2 options which have opening and closing times, online booking can be done at any time, day or night. You would only need to click your way through to finding all available flights for your date and locations requirements. This is done in a matter of seconds. Skywise Specials

Whichever route is chosen for the booking of Skywise specials, once you are happy with a specific flight you would have to enter in your details and make payment. Payment can be done through an EFT, credit cards or online through SID. Once payment goes through, the booking will be confirmed and the passenger will receive confirmation in the form of a unique number to be used during check-in or to amend their booking


The Skywise Check-In and Boarding Procedure

Skywise SpecialsCheck-in for Skywise Airlines is done at the check-in desks at the airport which opens 2 hours before the flight will take off and closes 45 minutes prior to this. Passengers will need proof of identity and their booking confirmation number for check-in. The credit card must also be produced to be verified (if used for payment). If there is any check-in baggage it will then be processed to be taken into the cargo hold of the plane. Finally seats will be assigned (unless it was pre booked) and the boarding pass will be issued.

Passengers can then proceed to board the plane after passing through security.


General Information on Skywise Airlines

  • There’s a really high chance that many new airlines will fold under within their first few years of business. To give their customers peace of mind when flying with them, Skywise Airlines provides insurance free of charge on all of their flight tickets. The insurance covers the cost of the ticket, up to R2500, if Skywise is unable to provide a flight due to seizing operations.
  • A cup of coffee is given to all passengers on Skywise flights but further snacks and beverages will have to be bought.
  • A copy of the magazine SKYE is given, free, to all Skywise passengers. The magazine provides for varied reading interests with articles on travel, culture, technology and lifestyle. The magazine can also be found in airport lounges.Skywise Specials
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