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Safair flights opened up doors to travelling againsafair

  • Head to Cape Town with Safair
  • Make your way to the Cape Winelands
  • PLanning your next trip to Cape Town should be much easier

All the wine lovers need to at least once in their lifetime may their way to the Cape Winelands. Book a flight with Safair and head to Cape Town for a holiday. You will not regret including Winelands in your itinerary. Many Cape Wines come from Winelands found in this region. Many of the first grapes planted in some of the Winelands are hundred and hundred years old. The feel of the region is Cape- Dutch homesteads with mountainous surroundings. Many restaurants are located here and have taken advantage of the close proximity of their wine suppliers. Who would have ever though that it was possible to visit wine estates. Safair substantially reduced the cost of flights and thus savings can be shifted somewhere more important. Like visiting Neethlingshof, Delheim, Spier, Saxenburg, Welmoed and Delaire wine estates.

When drafting your itinerary after booking your flight with Safair make sure Franschhoek is included. This small town has outstanding restaurants which are well-known both in South Africa and abroad. Breathtaking mountains, a few galleries and antique stores complete the atmosphere of the town. The hospitality from the locals is great too. If cycling and trails is your cup of tea the head to Paarl. The town of Paarl has a rich history and architectural heritage worth seeing. It is also home to the Paarl wine and the world’s largest solid rocks found in Paarl Mountain. You will probably bump into many tourists at the Safair terminals who also have included the Winelands as part of their itinerary.

safairThe Cape Winelands are not just known for their wide choice of top wine estates, there are also assortments of locally produced cheeses, olives, export-quality fruit and organic produce to be sampled and bought. This region lures photographers and artists and you will probably bump into them at the Safair airport terminal. They are all headed here to capture the beauty of this region. Weddings, conferences, and special occasions are usually held here too. Make sure you pack you hiking shoes as the Winelands are well-known for their breathtaking hiking trails. How do I get myself to the Cape Winelands? Well after landing from your Safair flight, head to the N1 from Cape Town to Stellenbosch. It is about a 40 minute drive. With 18 official wine routes and two brandy routes you will need a tourism brochure in order not to get lost once your there. Brochures and maps are available at any tourism office in the region.

Cape Winelands doesn’t have to be a lonely experience. With cheap flights from Safair you can afford to take your whole family along. There is plenty for the children to enjoy. But if you feel like spending some quality time with your spouse then it is advisable to leave the children at home. The vastness of the wine routes means coming back to Cape Town at least a couple of times. Look out for Safair specials so you can take advantage of their ridiculously low prices and finish exploring the Winelands.

What happens after booking your Safair flight?

Before even planning your itinerary how do you plan a holiday all by yourself. It is great that Cape Town has the winelands but what other things do I need to take into consideration? Planning a holiday especially locally is not as taxing as people like to make it out to be. It is pretty simple. First things first, you have to decide where you want to go on holiday. Cape Town of course. Next step is booking your Safair flights to Cape Town and printing your Safair tickets as soon as you are ready for your holiday. Safair airline is the cheapest low-cost carrier in South Africa. You are guaranteed to save a buck and a penny with them. Safair bookings can either be done online or at respective airports. It is highly advisable to book months or weeks in advance making use of Safair bookings website as it is very user friendly. Once your Safair flights to Cape Town are secured move to the next best thing, start planning. It is time to sit down and plan that itinerary list. Where besides the Cape Winelands do you want to go? Draw up a list of questions, the answer to these questions will give you an idea of what type of holiday you are looking for. Strategize your trip according to your needs and likes.

Before setting foot at the Safair airline terminal proper reading about Cape Town and what it has to offer must have happened from the tsafairime of booking your Safair flights and departure day. You could either make use of the internet to read up about Cape Town or buy a good guide book. The latter will suffice though. The more you know the better you can appreciate and enjoy what this city has to offer. Getting there is certainly going to be in style with Flysafair. Safair airlines excludes luggage from the airfare. If you bringing luggage along it will costs you a small additional fee. So make sure pack right and light to incur the smallest fee as possible. Packing right means packing essentials and leaving the rest at home. Try to avoid the unnecessary. Heavy luggage is sometimes a nuisance and can bring down your holiday spirit. Make sure your clothing suit the season and also bring a special top or dress for those romantic unplanned evenings.  If you follow this advice your Safair airlines additional luggage costs won’t be as high as you think.

Safair flight bookings are always done ahead of time, the same should be applied to accommodation. Accommodation contributes significantly to the overall costs of the trip. It also determines the mood of the trip. Your Flysafair flight is going to be great make sure the same applies to your accommodation for an overall great trip. The same way Safair flight bookings can be done online so can hotel bookings. You just have to find a reliable website where you can get quotes and then take it from there. Remember Safair low cost airline understands how expensive travel can be and are dedicating their time and resources to reduce the financial strain it may cause you. Safair low cost airline encourages travel. There is plenty to see and do in South Africa so book your Safair tickets today!